Yusuf / Cat Stevens has released his seventeenth studio album ‘King of a Land,’ Listen here.

The release arrives amidst a wave of celebratory activity, closely following the announcement of his Glastonbury Festival debut. Set to take place this June 25th, where he will perform the coveted Sunday tea-time legends slot at the Pyramid Stage, the performance will come just one month ahead of Yusuf’s milestone 75th birthday.

‘King of a Land’ is an epic body of work and is already receiving critical praise. 

More than a decade in the making, the album’s 12 new songs are full of extraordinary surprises. First single ‘Take The World Apart’ was tipped as “an optimistic work of which this closing track is the hopeful pinnacle” by The Times and saw Yusuf described as “an icon” by the NME; its title-track ‘King of a Land’ coincided with the crowning of King Charles III, alongside which Yusuf shared a respectful message to the King, ‘A Manifesto for a Good King’, and the Travelling Wilburys-styled groove of previous single ‘All Nights, All Days’ with the lyrics railing against how “the rich tax the poor”.

Unique and transportive, Yusuf’s new music, words and melodies paint a vivid picture of a world which embraces the lost lands of truisms and stainless youth, and brings it into touching distance. His poetical storytelling invites the listener on a journey towards the gates of an alternative universe to that which we presently inhabit – where happy endings can possibly happen. 

Looking at the jagged journey of my music, beginning as I did in the 60’s, I would say this new record is a mosaic. A very clearly defined description of where I’ve been and who I am.” – Yusuf / Cat Stevens

‘King of a Land’ is out now. The album is available on green vinyl in a gatefold format with a 36 page booklet featuring illustrations by Peter Reynolds. The CD also features a booklet illustrated by Peter Reynolds – order here. An exclusive edition of the album, pressed on white vinyl, is available from the official Yusuf / Cat Stevens online store along with album merchandise – visit the official store here.

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