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Yusuf / Cat Stevens Shares ‘All Nights, All Days’

Yusuf / Cat Stevens has unveiled a new song ‘All Nights, All Days’,

Yusuf / Cat Stevens has unveiled a new song ‘All Nights, All Days’, the latest to be taken from his upcoming album ‘King of a Land’, due for release via BMG / Dark Horse Records on 16th June. Pre-order here.

The track is another ear-catcher from Yusuf with a rolling, Travelling Wilburys-styled groove and an Americana country feel. Yusuf says: “I like to take on different genres, ‘All Nights…’ just felt naturally born for that – but it could easily have ended up somewhere else!” 

The lyrics rail against how “the rich tax the poor” and, with wry humour, Yusuf suggests a real solution for the world, which is to “lock those leaders in London Zoo”. “The only way that we can get on in peace is to get rid of most of them. Not all, perhaps. But most …”

Accompanying the track is a vibrant and colourful mixed media video produced by Studio Linguine that references the cult classic film Harold and Maude, for which Yusuf provided the iconic soundtrack. 

Harold and Maude appear as main characters in the clip, which brings the narrative of the song to life in a child-like manner. Politicians are depicted as evil characters who chase Harold through a forest, ultimately getting their comeuppance as they are captured and locked up in London Zoo.

The new single follows ‘King of a Land’, which coincided with the crowning of King Charles III. “I wish they’d give him a bit more power actually. I despair a bit about politics. I think it’s great to have someone who oversees things and maybe walks in and reminds everyone how they should behave. If they don’t, then I would suggest that he takes the initiative and locks up all the troublesome ones – in London Zoo, as opposed to the Tower.”

The release of Yusuf’s new album ‘King of a Land’ arrives amidst a wave of celebratory activity, closely following the announcement of his Glastonbury Festival debut. Set to take place this June 25th, where he will perform the coveted Sunday tea-time legends slot at the Pyramid Stage, the performance will come just one month ahead of Yusuf’s milestone 75th birthday, and closely follow the anticipated release of his seventeenth studio album.