1.When did you two meet and how did you create DNA?

Darren: We met at an event over 7 years ago. The fact we were both magicians meant we had something in common straight away and we just hit it off as friends. 

Andrew: We wanted to create a totally unique act that no-one else was performing. It’s this determination and belief that got us through the thousands of hours it took to develop what we do today. That’s not even including the arguments! That’s the genesis of DNA! 

2.How long did it take to learn The Gift?

Darren: Literally years. People have theories on how we do it and no-one has even come close yet! We spent years developing and changing the method to allow it to be seen, recorded and studied and still be undetectable. It’s the layering of our methods that allow us to genuinely say we’re the only act in the world performing what we do.

Andrew: There is a genuine chance we might not always get things right so hopefully the jeopardy and risk is perceived and enjoyed by our audience who acknowledge the complexity of what we do. 

3.What kind of places were you playing when you got started?

Darren: It was always very difficult explaining what we do to an events organiser or customer. People understand when you say you perform magic tricks. But when you explain you’re part of a mind reading telepathic double act and we get people to concentrate on things and reveal what they are, it didn’t really translate into bookings. So we used to try and get whatever gigs we could as DNA and anything else, we used to just turn up to each others gigs and work as DNA and split the money.

Andrew: It wasn’t easy but it was those years where we really learnt to perform and sharpen our skills. We used to perform at private parties, corporate events and weddings. Basically anywhere someone would want us, we’d be there!

4.How did it feel to be on Britain’s Got Talent and get through to the finals?

Darren: It was such an incredible experience. The audition was a whirlwind and was over in the blink of an eye. We just remember standing on the stage receiving a standing ovation and getting amazing comments from the judges. Fast forward a few months (of really hard work) and we won our semi final show to go straight into the final. To know the public were behind us and actually being announced as the winners was a really amazing feeling and one we’ll treasure for the rest of our lives. 

Andrew: The whole experience was bittersweet as we changed our routine for the final on the day. We wish we hadn’t and instead performed our original routine but hindsight is 20/20!

5.What’s been the funniest thing that’s happened to you during a performance?

Darren: We’ve had all sorts! We’ve had some weird and wonderful names for people who have tried to catch us out – that’s always fun! I think when people don’t listen to instructions correctly or shout out a joke or one liner to make themselves part of the show, it tends to lead to some funny exchanges.

Andrew: Once we dropped a whole deck of cards in front of the entire audience right at the start of the show. That was pretty funny – and embarrassing!

6.What kind of reaction to you usually get from audiences?

Darren: We get a mixture really! It’s either: “WHAT ON EARTH? THAT’S AMAZING!” or “I don’t believe it, you won’t be able to read my mind”. So, we get believers/people that enjoy it, and others who think they know what we’re doing and they refuse to let themselves go and enjoy it for what it is. 

Andrew: We made a conscious decision years ago to never embarrass anyone or make anyone look or feel silly through our performance. Our shows are designed for people to sit back and enjoy as well as being involved in our show all whilst being entertained and amazed. Our goal is for our audiences to have had an amazing time and enjoy something totally unique.

7.Has anyone tried to ‘catch you out’ and what happened?

Darren: Yes! It happens all the time! What we perform isn’t an “exact science” so were totally open to not getting everything 100% right, all the time. Normally there is a reason for it though. What we perform really requires our concentration and we can be distracted as well as people picking really obscure things. 

Andrew: We love a challenge and are looking forward to what the audiences from round the UK have got for us!

8.You’ve taken the show around the world – what has been the most interesting place you’ve performed and why did it stand out?

Darren: We’ve been extremely lucky to be invited to perform at some incredible places around the world. One really stand out time was meeting a guy at an event in London who runs a luxury travel company in New York. He said if we can get his mother’s maiden name correct, one day he’ll fly us out to New York… He kept his word! He flew us out there for 3 nights for his 40th birthday party and it was amazing!

9.What is different about your show WE KNOW WHAT YOU’RE THINKING?

Darren: We blend a mixture of what people have seen us do on Britain’s Got Talent with some brand new, never before seen material! We have worked extremely hard to make our show different, entertaining and totally baffling. We try and get as many people involved with our show as possible – so if you decide to buy tickets, be prepared to have your mind read as part of our show! 

Andrew: Of course it’s totally optional, but as we’ve said, we never do anything to embarrass anyone and everything is for entertainment purposes only. We want everyone to question whether or not we really do know what you’re thinking! 

10.Why should people come along to see you on stage when you’re on tour?

Darren: Often things can be hard to believe when you see it on TV. What we do can be performed totally live, with absolutely no set up whatsoever. We want to share what we’ve worked so hard on, with as many people as possible. 

Andrew: Our show is unique and interactive and totally baffling. It’s suitable for all ages (although we’d probably suggest 8+) and is a demonstration of what we’re capable of as mind readers as well as allowing an audience to get to know us a bit better. We hang out in the foyer after every show and want to meet every single person who wants to hang around and meet us too!

For tour information and tickets go to www.dnaofficial.com

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