100 Ways To Tie a Shoelace, Theatre, TotalNtertainment, Manchester

100 Ways to Tie a Shoelace

‘I can’t fault this show. It’s a brilliantly crafted piece … quite literally never a dull moment, and that’s really quite rare.’ Always Time For Theatre

Associate artists of [email protected] and winners of ‘Best Regional Fringe Show 2018’ (Always Time For Theatre) bring their original and bombastic show to Waterside in Sale, Trafford as part of a national tour this Summer.

Forget About the Dog will be coming to Waterside, Sale on Saturday 22 June 2019 with a witty, whimsical and heart-felt piece of new writing, complete with outrageous characters, slick comedy and a sincere narrative; 100 Ways to Tie a Shoelace.

Since the accident, Kat is having trouble with her memory and the basics of everyday life. Her only escape from her muddled mind is a hospital ward TV.

A bombastic and comedic take on the realigning of one person’s mind. Plunged into a world of confusion, this heart-warming story explores Kat’s recovery as she tries to fight her anxieties and conquer her fears. However the lines between reality and fantasy begin to blur and Kat will have to face some unusual visitors if she wants to get back to her old self…

A theatrical feast of witty dialogue, puppetry and original music create the surreal world Kat finds herself in, whilst never forgetting the sobering reality of the situation.

 Mix-ups, mayhem and muscle memory. There’s never a dull moment.

Forget About The Dog are dedicated to cohesive nonsense, thought-provoking whimsy and well-made tea! As a vibrant and imaginative collective they all write, perform, direct, choreograph, compose, devise, and design; bringing a voice born out of a plethora of comedic tastes and styles.

“We create distinctive, fast-paced and witty work which visualises the inner workings of someone’s mind, whether that be imagination, anxieties, fears or hopes. We take a character’s struggle or challenge in life and place it under the microscope to explore it in the most engaging and unexpected ways, with action typically switching from grounded reality to abstract fantasy and caricatured comedy. This is obtained through the exploration of

making intangible humanistic qualities, often mind related, into visual and funny creations; bringing to life the things that make us human.”

100 WAYS TO TIE A SHOELACE takes place at Waterside on Saturday 22 June at 20:00. Tickets at watersidearts.org or 0161 912 5616.