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Daniel Bye to premiere new work picking apart the nature-nurture debate

“Quietly demanding and unforgettable […] disturbing and thought-provoking […] beautifully written.” – The Scotsman on Instructions for Border Crossing

Arthur is inspired by the growing science of epigenetics, Arthur (named after his son who will feature in the show) explores the many influences on your life chances, from the genes your parents and grandparents gave you, to the number of books in your childhood home. Whatever you think about the determining influences on the course of our lives, think again. The startling similarity of twins raised apart, and the startling differences between twins raised together, combine with many other facts and stories to unravel all your preconceptions.

Like Daniel Bye’s previous solo shows at the Fringe, Arthur is highly interactive, but this show takes that to a new level. Each performance takes place in a different venue: the home of the person who books the show. The room in which the show takes place, as well as the unique combination of people gathered in that room, will make a decisive contribution to how the show unfolds. The performance will begin in the main living area of your home and this is where everyone will gather. The majority of it will take place in the room, with visits to the kitchen (if that’s a different space) and one bedroom. Coupled with the warm, witty, and incisive performance style audiences have come to expect from Daniel, this will be a genuinely unique and unforgettable event of the sort that’s only possible on the Edinburgh Fringe.

Arthur will be performed at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from the

31 July-6 August;

8-13 August;

15-20 August and 22-25 August at 10.30am and 5.30pm.

To book the show at your venue: £100 booking admits ten people to the performance; extras pay £10 each on the day. Additional shows at alternative times can be arranged.

Venue: Your home

Box office and enquiries: 07547 202715 / www.edfringe.com/

Daniel Bye said: “The genesis for this show began when Arthur was ten days old. I’d agreed to perform at a fundraiser for the local food bank, and on a whim decided to bring Arthur on stage as a way into talking about class and life chances. So many of the other kids born on the same day wouldn’t have half of his advantages; many would have far more. Having always been fascinated by the debates around nature-nurture, this one-off seven-minute stand-up set took me down a rabbit hole of learning more and more about what really influences your life chances. Whatever you think, it’s much more complicated than that.”