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Greek myth of Atlas retold in circus theatre

New circus theatre company Oddly Moving will retell the Greek myth of Atlas.

New circus theatre company Oddly Moving will retell the Greek myth of Atlas using circus,  autobiographical storytelling, physical theatre, projections and object manipulation. The show  will shine a light on the individual looking at the personal burden of what-ifs, joys, regrets and  turning points. 

Atlas was condemned by Zeus, forced to hold up the heavens for all eternity. As he struggled  with this magnificent burden, no other choice was available to him. Oddly Moving’s hour-long  show looks at how we each manage the weight upon our shoulders, drawing on the personal  stories of three circus performers. What happens if they let go? 

Produced by Turtle Key Arts and directed by Charlotte Mooney of Ockham’s Razor, Atlas tells  the story of a titan armed with nothing more than the intense physicality of circus skills, plastic  toy animals, sandbags, golden apples and buckets full of wit and charm. 

Oddly Moving have built a website called ‘Share your story’ to gather personal stories about people’s mental health and wellbeing which will be used to inform the show and be available to  listen to online. 

Atlas is Oddly Moving’s second show, following the successful UK tour of debut show He Ain’t  Heavy in 2018. He Ain’t Heavy told the story of company director Grania Pickard growing up  with her disabled autistic brother Sean. The show used physical theatre, aerial circus, audience  interaction, storytelling and puppetry to reveal to the audience how Sean walks, talks and  interacts with the world as well as how his unique take on life has shaped Grania. 

Grania, an experienced workshop leader, is currently running Circus/Physics workshops in  secondary schools as part of the Physics curriculum, supported by the Institute of Physics. She also runs Autobiographical Devising Workshops relating to the themes of Atlas for young adults  at each venue. The workshops integrate resilience-building exercises, with training from Off The  Record (OTR), a youth mental health charity.

Tickets are available from individual box offices although more  details about the show can be found on  

Tour dates 

Tuesday 8th March The Lowry, Salford 

Fri 11th – Sat 12th March Circomedia, Bristol 

Thursday 17th March Jackson’s Lane, London 

Friday 13th May Connaught Theatre, Worthing 

Thursday 19th May Artsdepot, London 

Friday 3rd June Proteus Theatre, Basingstoke