Review by Melanie Cooke

After reading reviews and hearing such positive feedback, I thought I was prepared for my visit to Manchester’s famous Palace Theatre to watch Wicked. I could not have been more wrong. From the opening line to the closing standing ovation, every single word from every single character had me gripped. A mixture of joy, tears and laughter entwining throughout the whole performance.

With a basic knowledge of the stories that link to the wizard of OZ, I can honestly say I will never watch Oz again in the same way. It really does provide such a clever ‘jigsaw’ prequel to OZ throughout the whole performance, little clues, hints, props and lines to get the mind thinking about a film it has already seen and relate it to this fresh new spin on the tale, changing opinions and perspectives without my mind even having authorisation!

Every little detail of this performance is just spine tingling! From the detailed costumes, to the perfect casting for the characters, familiar faces from TV and other well-known stage shows with voices to complete each character. Props to give the most realistic environment and lines to make laughter echo through the whole theatre.

This is a show that can be loved by all of the family, regardless of age. It is magical and can ignite the imagination that has not yet experienced The Wizard of OZ, and seriously enhances the mind that already has, leaving every person with a feel good vibe as they leave the theatre.

Each scene is timed perfectly, with just enough action to keep you watching every section of the stage, without the feeling of too much going on. A perfect story of the relationship of the witches from the original Wizard of Oz. Teaching the importance of love, loyalty, honesty and friendship. A show that touches the heart, gets you thinking and also teaches you a lesson.

Every single actor and actress that has been cast for this show have been matched to the character perfectly. They have all, regardless of age or experience, grasped their character and become them comfortably to ensure the ease of watching. I cannot recommend this show enough, a tear jerker, an applause catcher and most of all a memorable experience! Certainly one to watch over and over again.

No question about it….. 5 star all round show and certainly deserves every positive comment shared about the whole performance and more!

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