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Sherlock Holmes: The Valley of Fear

The Valley of Fear is an epic story that spans continents, with the tale of intrigue stretching from 221b Baker Street to an ancient manor house

Blackeyed Theatre has announced a digital stream for Sherlock Holmes: The Valley of Fear, which  will be available to watch online worldwide from Thursday 20th October. Currently touring the UK,  this electric adaptation is full of mystery and adventure, and combines original music, stylish  theatricality and magical storytelling for an unforgettable theatrical experience. 

After delighting global audiences with their international tour of Sherlock Holmes and The Sign of  Four, Blackeyed Theatre has returned with this gripping world premiere. Now international  audiences have the chance to see Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s fourth and final Sherlock Holmes novel,  which is being met with rave reviews on its UK tour. 

A mysterious, coded message is received, a warning of imminent danger, drawing Sherlock Holmes  and the faithful Dr Watson into a tale of intrigue and murder stretching from 221B Baker Street to an  ancient moated manor house, to the bleak Pennsylvanian Vermissa Valley. Faced with a trail of  bewildering clues, Holmes begins to unearth a darker, wider web of corruption, a secret society and  the sinister work of one Professor Moriarty. 

Sherlock Holmes: The Valley of Fear will be available to watch on a TV, phone, laptop, desktop or iPad  in glorious (HD) technicolour. Online audiences can start the stream at any time after purchasing,  and have 72 hours to watch the content from when they first access it.

As part of Blackeyed Theatre’s aim to make theatre more accessible to young audiences, the  recording is also being made available free to any school booking 25+ tickets to see the play in person, giving teachers and students the chance to revisit the production later in class.

Dates Available from 7pm Thursday 20th October 2022 – midnight Sunday  22nd January 2023.  

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£10 (multi-viewer tickets £15)