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Sleeping Trees return with Puss In Moon Boots

Sleeping Trees are back with Puss In  Moon Boots – a brand-new interactive film to be enjoyed from the comfort of your own sofa!  

After the success of last year’s online living room adventure, Sleeping Trees are back with Puss In  Moon Boots – a brand-new interactive film to be enjoyed from the comfort of your own sofa!  Showcasing all the comedy and magic that Sleeping Trees are known and loved for, Puss In Moon Boots brings the joy of panto to our homes! Jam-packed with original songs, characters and some of the finest living room engineering you’re ever likely to see, this is a seasonal space adventure for the whole family that’s truly out of this world. 

This time the trio are turning a house upside down to head to outer space! Puss, (Santa’s cat and a  wannabe inventor), has always dreamed of building a rocket which would allow him help Santa to deliver all the Christmas presents. But, no one ever takes his ideas seriously. After Santa’s sleigh, presents and reindeer are stolen by a mysterious festive space villain, there’s only one kitty that can  save the day! 

Last year saw Sleeping Trees create The Legend of Moby Dick Whittington in the height of the pandemic and it was enjoyed by audiences across the UK, USA, Mexico, Europe and even India. Live  shows maybe back but for the Trees, film offers a different form of experimentation

Co-writer James Dunnell-Smith comments, After the success of our 2020 living room adventure, we  were keen to do another now we knew what was possible and how ambitious we could be with the  DIY movie format. Creating a sci-fi inside a house seemed particularly daunting but we’ve never  been the type to shy away from a challenge! Despite live theatre returning, which we are obviously  thrilled out about, the film last year allowed us to reach new audiences and people who wouldn’t  necessarily go to the theatre much. We are still in a pandemic, so we’d like to continue to offer  something for people who are still staying home a lot or don’t want to travel too far for theatre. We  hope this year’s film will allow us to do this as well as attract audiences new and old to our live show  this year too. 

There’s action and adventure galore and enough genuinely good gags snuck in at the sides to keep  adults entertained … Best of all, though, [The Legend of Moby Dick Whittington] is interactive – just  as it would be in a theatre. Audiences are encouraged to boo, hiss and throw paper balls at the  baddie, to build a ship out of sofa cushions and then to tear it all down again when a storm hits. It’s  great fun. The whole thing has an infectious air of makeshift mayhem. (★★★★★ The Stage) 

You can also catch Sleeping Trees live at Battersea Arts Centre with Sleeping Beauty & The Beast  from 26th November – 30th December 2021. This brand-new panto mash-up is full of songs, live  music and interaction as audiences help Sleeping Trees solve a merry mystery. 

Puss In Moon Boots 

Dates 1st December 2021 – 10th January 2022 

Running Time 60 minutes tbc 

Tickets Tickets will be available from £5 from  Tickets will be released on 26th November. 

One ticket is vaild for unlimited watches for one month.