Slow Violence explores apathy to climate change

Slow Violence – a comedy about climate change and our attitudes towards it from B Team Theatre – comes to Waterside in Sale, Trafford.  The two-hander follows new team member Peter who joins Claire at the Happy Holiday travel agency. But all is not well and as the daily ignorance and inertia continues, the office environment worsens resulting in laugh-out-loud farcical scenarios.

As the office crumbles before our eyes, Slow Violence allows audiences the opportunity to reflect on the apathy and inaction that exists on a daily basis in relation to our own environment.

At the heart of the play is the company’s desire to encourage audiences to explore the apathy and inaction that exists in relation to climate change. In the same vein that Claire and Peter can’t continue to deny the fact that office is falling apart nor can we keep pretending the world is not endangered.

B Team Theatre specialise in creating entertaining theatre about the environment that provokes conversation and change. Slow Violence is the second offering from the physical theatre company shedding light on environmental issues. It follows The Bee Project, a show for teenagers about bees, friendship and small acts of rebellion, which toured nationally in 2018-19 to great acclaim.

Derby/Nottingham-based Laura Ryder, B Team Lead Artist and Performer in the show said of the show: “Whilst so much narrative around the climate emergency focuses on fear, our storytelling avoids doomy narratives and looks to give people a sense of empowerment by provoking conversation and creating ideas of community and connection. With Slow Violence we want to highlight the fact that inaction and ignorance are not the answer and suggest that realisation and conversation, along with some humour gives us hope for the planet and the Happy Holiday office!

Slow Violence comes to Waterside, Sale on Thursday 07 October at 7.30pm.

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