SUPERFAN are touring Scotland this Autumn with their new production of Stuntman, an  explosive physical performance by two men exploring the relationships between violence and  masculinity through stunts and satire. Taking inspiration from classic and contemporary action  movies such as Die Hard and John Wick to create high-octane and sometimes ridiculous fight  scenes, Stuntman examines the impact that having action-hero role models has on men and  boys.  

He says they made my hands into bombs.  I’m waiting for him to say ‘you don’t have to do this, it’s ok. You don’t have to do this.’  Instead he says, ‘Jump on the spot. You’re shaking. We can’t let them see that you’re shaking.’ 

A striking, film set-inspired design by Rachel O’Neill, with sound by Richy Carey and lights from  Michaella Fee, will immerse the audience in the excitement of the heightened, cartoonish fights  and draw us into the performers’ personal stories of their experience with violence and  aggression. With hard-hitting and entertaining theatrics, performers David Banks and Sadiq Ali  introduce an up-close and personal look into their lives in an intensely physical, funny, and  tender duet from men who wrestle with their relationship to violence – both onscreen and off. 

Set in traverse, the audience are front and centre of the action; an intimate yet explosive duo  performance juxtaposes the anger, rage, and hype that men can feel on the brink of a fight with  the calm softness and tenderness of not wishing to be violent. Exploring both the heightened expectations and gentleness in human nature and masculinity, Stuntman provides the grey area  and internal battle presented. 

Adrenalin, tension and laugh-out-loud moments allows the audience to consider the themes of  this work while watching an entertaining piece of highly physical theatre, taking away some  food for thought around their relationship to violence in the media and how it influences our lives. Fusing the Pow! Biff! and Wallop! of over-the-top stunt fights with personal stories of real  encounters with violence from the performers’ lives, Stuntman is for anyone who has ever enjoyed a violent action movie (but maybe felt a bit weird about it).  

Director Pete Lannon says, I’m really excited for audiences to see this new version of the show,  after our 2020 tour being cancelled. The themes at the heart of it, of the complicated and painful  relationships men have with violence, feel like they’ve only become more relevant in the last  couple of years. I hope that we can invite people to think about it from a slightly different  perspective, and also have some fun – there’s a lot of joyful silliness in the show too. 

Tour Dates

Friday 23rd – Saturday 24th September Platform, The Bridge, 1000 Westerhouse Road,  Glasgow, G34 9JW 

Thursday 29th September An Tobar and Mull Theatre, Druimfin, Tobermory,  Isle of Mull, PA75 6QB 

Sunday 2nd October Beacon Arts Centre, Custom House Quay,  Greenock, PA15 1HJ 

Wednesday 5th – Friday 7th October The Lemon Tree – Aberdeen Performing Arts, 5 W  N Street, Aberdeen, AB24 5AT

Tuesday 11th – Wednesday 12th October SEALL (Various Locations) 

Friday 14th – Saturday 15th October Assembly Roxy (Roxy Centre), 2 Roxburgh Place,  Edinburgh, EH8 9SU 

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