TERRIERS and TERRIERS 2: EVE’S STORY are hard hitting plays by Maurice Bessman, designed to show the stark reality of becoming involved with gangs and guns.

The plays, delivered in partnership with Liverpool’s Royal Court, Merseyside Police and the Police and Crime Commissioner, has been studied as part of the national curriculum as effective crime prevention targeted at young people.

The play has been touring Merseyside and the UK for ten years during which time over 200,000 young people have seen Terriers resulting in a reduction of gun crime on Merseyside.  In 2018, Terriers 2: Eve’s Story was created as a sequel focusing on one of the female characters and on the impact that gangs can have on girls in Terriers and highlights the very current issues of knife crime, sexual exploitation and peer pressure.

The play is also coming to London this autumn with two unique performances in iconic buildings at the heart of the capital.  At The Old Bailey on Tuesday 15 October and at City Hall on Wednesday 16 October, before both shows go out on a national tour.

The shows are written by Maurice Bessman, directed by Miriam Mussa and the cast will be Sam BakerMichael Horsley, Tim Lucas, Shannon McFadden, Sasha Mhagrh, Natasha Riley, Zain Salim and Alyssa Watson.  Merseyside Police commissioned the play in 2008 as part of Liverpool’s highly successful Capital of Culture year.

Terriers and Terriers 2: Eve’s Story will be performed

at The Old Bailey at 6pm on Tuesday 15 October

at City Hall at 6pm on Wednesday 16 October. 

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