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The Bandaged Woman – The Old Red Lion Theatre

The Bandaged Woman, from Theatre63, comes to The Old Red Lion Theatre

The Bandaged Woman, from Theatre63, comes to The Old Red Lion Theatre, examining the trials and tribulations of being born into a privileged life. It asks what do you do when you’re born with so much and considers how do you make yourself worthy in the eyes of those who have nothing? Why do we champion success if it means the failures of others, who is to blame? Hera is running on the fumes of her father’s fading career. After a string of her own theatrical failures, she’s set on making her own one woman play and making a name for herself. But a crowd gathers outside her family’s estate with other ideas of what she should do with her privilege. 

Hera arrives home, to sell her family’s estate and finds her Father won’t leave his office. A mysterious bandaged woman who says she’s her maid won’t leave her alone. A gardener called Janos catches her eye with his ability to enjoy the simpler things in life. All while the city inhabitants bang on the gates outside. But Hera’s not worried. She knows what the true focus is. As the crowd

gets closer and closer, she tries to uncover how to make her next play a sell out and finally gain her father’s acceptance. 

Three plays, all failures, all embarrassmentsThey don’t like Hera because they know who her father is, but they don’t like him anymore, so maybe they’ll give her another chance? She just has to find out what to feed them, what will set the stage on fire. 

Date/Times 24th November – 4th December 2021*, 7.30pm Saturday 4th December 2021, 2.30pm 

(*No performance on 29th November 2021) 

Running Time 90 minutes 

Age Guidance 14+ 

Content Warnings Explicit language 


Prices £15 (full), £12 (concessions)