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‘Tiger Lady’ The Story of the first Female Tiger Tamer

Tiger Lady acts as a powerful vehicle to amplify under-represented voices.

Unveiling the true story of a forgotten woman in history, Tiger Lady acts as a powerful vehicle to  amplify under-represented voices. Mabel Stark, the queen of the circus in the time of the  greatest show on Earth, was one of the first ever female tiger tamers, and the only woman to  step into the ring with seven tigers. 

From Les Enfants Terribles Award-winning theatre company Dead Rabbits (The Dragon, Love  Lies Frozen in the Ice), hear the tale of a woman fierce enough not to be forgotten. The crowd  loved her. The men loved her. The tigers loved her. It’s a tale of fame, danger and desire, of  terrible heartache and pain – the scars on her body are not as deep as the scars on her heart. Combining fast-paced and innovative physical theatre with an incredibly moving love story  between two humans and a tiger, Tiger Lady is about being different, facing society and the  tragedy that comes when a person has a displaced notion of being happy. This tragedy is all  around us so in this respect a story from the beginning of 20th century, that seems like such a  distant world, comes back to haunt us and to remind us to look at our lives and our desires more  closely. 

Natisha Williams-Samuels will bring to life America’s most ferocious big cat tamer, Mabel Stark. She is joined by Antonio Victorio as Al G, James Parker as Louis, Chloe Waddilove as Maggie,  Abayomi Oyinide as Art Rooney and Edward Breckenridge as Rajah the tiger.  

Company Director Kasia Zaremba-Byrne (Lionboy, Complicité) combines physical playfulness,  puppetry, object manipulation and music to engage audiences in an inclusive and transformative way. Playing with the metaphor of big cats as the old guards of White Privilege,  she is keen to amplify under-represented voices. She comments, I search for stories that are of  the real people, often a bit removed from present time as to keep a little distance from ourselves,  from what we take for granted. Often these stories have a hint of nostalgia, some half remembered memory that our imagination is pulled in. Often the stories are from the  perspective of women, often forgotten, or viewed from the perspective of under-dogs, even  though they showed immense courage and perseverance in difficult circumstances.  

It is a true story that is full of tiny details, and I had to navigate with the cast to find what story  we wanted to tell. I always create with and through the people I work with. Starting with the  designer and those who help me with the structure, I then going into the room with the actors  and really find what is the heart of the story for them too. 

Performance Dates Tuesday 25th – Sunday 30th January 2022 

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday – 8.00pm  

Friday & Saturday – 7.30pm 

Sunday – 3.40pm & 6.30pm 

Box Office Tickets are available from https://vaultfestival.com/events/tiger lady/ from £17