Twisted Tales Vol. 2 The second show in the anthology series of ‘Twisted Tales’  which features three brand-new scripts from Jon Welch, Brett Harvey and Charlotte Bister & Daniel  Richards, is heading out on tour.

Deep in space the crew of the Fortuna are searching for extra-terrestrial life but the ship is  malfunctioning, the crew are beginning to show signs of a strange infection and time is running out…

As acclaimed sci-fi author Edward R Matherson lays on his death bed, a bloody battle of wits is  taking place in his kitchen over the secret of the universe…

Jamie’s life is in turnaround. He’s lost his job, he’s desperate for love and his only companion is a  malfunctioning Alexa unit. She’s supposed to make his life easier. But the question is – who is serving  whom?

The 3 short plays in Twisted Tales Vol. 2 will take you on a journey through time and space, where  kidnapping, torture, the infinity of the universe, and copious amounts of tea are all intertwined in 3  thrilling, curious and intriguing stories: Little Green Banknotes, Happiness and The Lost Code of Eryx.

Twisted Tales Vol. 2 promises to bring you more of the anarchic, riotous, darkly comic tales that will  take audiences on the quest for humanity and a desperate search for meaning. Hall For Cornwall’s  Resident Company ‘Owdyado Theatre will have you laughing, crying and gasping for more!

‘Owdyado’s loyal fanbase are thrilled that the company are continuing with the Twisted Tales  anthology project

The show was utterly fantastic. Superb performances and very clever, creepy and humorous writing.  We will certainly be looking out for future tours and telling everyone we know they must come along  too…” Twisted Tales Vol. 1 Audience Member, Theatre Royal Dumfries

The show is coming to Harrogate in Oct 2021, visiting The Wesley Centre, Harrogate as part of  Harrogate Comedy Festival on the 5th of Oct 2021. For ticket info and for all dates go to:

For more information, dates and booking details visit:

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