Bad Touch “Kiss The Sky” album review.

The best thing about an album like “Kiss The Sky”, the new album from classic rockers Bad Touch, is that it’s all about the songs. Bands like Bad Touch have no airs and graces, whether it’s in the confines of a sweaty club or on record, they’re all about giving you a set of songs that will just rock out. To do that, the band took themselves off to Rockfield Studios in Wales, a place the rock outfit describes as “just like home” and the end result is a set of songs that are full of the kind of raw energy that fans of this genre demand.

“Kiss The Sky” is a rock album in the truest sense of the term. It’s an album that is made by rock fans for rock fans. Bad Touch are a band who write songs that will have you pumping your fist along to them. They write songs that will have you nodding your head, tapping your feet and singing along at the top of your voice. Songs like “Strut” and “I Got The Music In Me” are classic rock bangers through and through. Written by the band to capture the energy of their live show, “Kiss The Sky” sees Bad Touch wear their hearts on their sleeves. From frontman Stevie Westwood through to drummer George Drewry, the twin guitars of Rob Glendinning and Daniel Seekings and finished off by bassist Michael Bailey, Bad Touch gel together effortlessly to write songs that not only they love but they know their fanbase will love.

Full of the kind of energy that has this record buzzing as soon as you press play, “Kiss The Sky” is a banger of an album. The band has captured their live energy perfectly which makes it all the more disappointing to know that we won’t get to see the five-piece tearing up stages across the UK anytime soon. That being said, grab “Kiss The Sky”, wrap your ears around the sweet classic rock grooves and learn all the words because, thankfully, Bad Touch has given us the next best thing.

Bad Touch’s new album “Kiss The Sky” is released by Marshall Records on June 19th. Pre-order the album from


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