There is a reason DJ/producer duos like CamelPhat are shifting the kind of numbers that they are doing and that is down to fans knowing that each time the duo put out new music or work on a new collaboration, the end result will see the pair smash through the boundaries of their genre. Courtesy of their “Dark Matter” debut album, the Liverpool pair have already shown they’re willing to explore beyond the expectations for their music and, as a result of such an attitude to their music, you end up with an album like “Spiritual Milk”.

The second album released by the dance duo, “Spiritual Milk” has been described by the pair as being an album not so much about dancefloor fillers but more about taking the listener on an emotional journey. Now given that, for the album launch, the album was going to be experienced in a completely dark room, you can almost prepare yourself for the kind of listening experience “Spiritual Milk” is going to be. This isn’t an album full of Friday night, pilled-off-your-face bangers. “Spiritual Milk” is a collection of songs that ebb and flow. They’re hypnotic and soothing yet have a pulsing beat running through the core of this collection as each track gets instantly drilled into your mind the moment you sink into opener “Hope”.

Throughout this sixteen song collection, the duo collaborate with a number of different artists including Jake Bugg on album closer “Love Is Something” and London Grammar on the pulsating “Higher”. The latter more in keeping with the feel of the rest of the album, the former something of a curveball to not only keep you on your toes right to the end but to show exactly how great CamelPhat are at scrubbing out the boundary lines of their genre.

Elsewhere the duo collaborate with a number of artists from across the their own scene to produce the kind of album you can easily lose yourself as you try and forget daily life. Tracks like the booming “Colossus” or the relentless yet epic “Many Times” bring together like-minded souls to create music which will take your emotions on a rollercoaster of a journey.

For more information on CamelPhat, head over to their Facebook Page here.

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