Singer-songwriter Megan Nic Ruairí is poised to enchant audiences once more with her upcoming track, ‘The Woods.’ Out now, this new single heralds the beginning of an exciting year for her, filled with fresh music releases and solo performances.

While deeply rooted in Irish traditional music, Megan artfully intertwines contemporary elements, crafting a unique style that spotlights her talent for blending romanticized love narratives with themes of self-exploration. ‘The Woods’ embarks on a potent voyage through her inner struggles and triumphs, wrapped in a melody that has resonated with her since the age of 14.

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In ‘The Woods,’ Megan skillfully engages in a dialogue between two facets of herself—one brimming with joy, the other grappling with questions of identity and emotions. The song’s lyrical simplicity mirrors the duality she grappled with, uncertain of which version truly represented her core. The metaphor of the woods serves as a conduit for her expedition toward self-discovery and self-acceptance.

Megan’s personal battles with identity, emotions, and health have profoundly influenced her musical evolution. She bravely discloses her diagnosis of PCOS, a frequently overlooked hormonal disorder in women. This diagnosis led to years of physical and mental challenges, including misdiagnoses of mental health issues. After receiving treatment and finding newfound harmony with her body, Megan emerges from this struggle stronger and more self-assured than ever before.

“Releasing this song from such a positive place has allowed me to finally reclaim my power, confidence, and sensuality, which had been concealed for too long,” Megan shares. “My deep connection to nature has always been a source of strength, and the woods have become a symbol of who I am. This song represents a conversation between the happier and sadder facets of myself, and I now embrace both without judgment.”

Hailing from the northwest of Donegal, Megan Nic Ruairí’s music is profoundly influenced by her Irish heritage, despite her birth in London and upbringing in Nottingham, England. Her love for the Irish language and poetry, instilled in her during her Donegal upbringing, is evident in her work.

Megan’s musical journey has been punctuated by noteworthy experiences, including her involvement in the family band Clann Mhic Ruairí and her collaboration with the Dublin-based alternative rock ensemble, BIG LOVE. Her debut single, ‘Can’t Trust the Moon,’ released in 2020, set the stage for her musical exploration and development.

With ‘The Woods,’ Megan Nic Ruairí extends an invitation to listeners, inviting them into her world of self-discovery, resilience, and triumph. The single showcases her unwavering commitment to her craft and her determination to convey authentic narratives through her music.

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