Italian pianist and composer Fabrizio Paterlini, announced his brand new album Riverscapes, due for release on 6th October 2023 (Memory Recordings, under exclusive licence to Believe). The album comes as a suite of thirteen tracks, each inspired by the flows, rhythms, and stories carried by the water. Described by listeners as emotive, ethereal, and tellingly passionate, Fabrizio has acquired over 165 million streams across multiple streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify, and is set to embark on a UK and European tour this coming autumn to teleport audiences to dream-like otherworldly realms through his compositions.

Along with the album announcement, Fabrizio has released the leading single ‘Discoveries’, which is available to listen here. When speaking on ‘Discoveries’, the pianist says his source of inspiration behind the track has been the way in which “riverbanks are characterised by magical spots and nooks, where among bushes and trees, one can find trunks carried by the current, remnants of old vessels no longer in use, luxuriant vegetation, or dry areas seemingly untouched by water”. ‘Discoveries’ is the second solo piece on the album and is a distinctively cinematic composition that plays on themes of melancholy and reflection – something Fabrizio Paterlini has been crowned expert at doing.

The Album Riverscapes comes as a collaboration between Paterlini and Dutch photographer and visual artist Kristel Schneider, coming to fruition from an idea which sparked during the pandemic years. Using Kristel’s photographs of the French Allier River, alongside his own familiar experiences of living on the banks of the PO River in Italy, Fabrizio created a sparkly, complex soundtrack that highlights the languages, smells, and stories embedded in the water’s rich history.

Speaking about his new album, Fabrizio explains how this work is ideally the successor to his previous works “Secret Book” from 2017 and “Lifeblood” from 2021. In these albums, the Italian pianist chose to expand his sound palette by incorporating elements of electronics and exquisitely cinematic string arrangements alongside his beloved piano. Having built his entire career independently since his debut release in 2007, Fabrizio has an impressive log of compositions and curations under his belt – with Riverscapes a poised and delicious highlight.

UK and European Tour Dates 2023 and 2024 Below, tickets here:

Oct 25th, Barcelona (ES) : Auditori Barradas
Oct 27th, Madrid (ES) : Cafè Berlin
Nov 9th, London (UK) : Conway Hall
Nov 10th, Manchester (UK) : Stoller Hall
Nov 24th, Rivoli (IT) : TBA
Dec. 01st, Istanbul (TR) : TBA
Dec. 02nd, Istanbul (TR) : TBA

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