Musicians talk about their albums taking the listener on a journey whether that be through the lyrics or the music but it takes a really special album to actually follow up on that promise. Italian composer Fabrizio Paterlini is one person who actually puts his money where his mouth is with the release of his latest album ‘Riverscape’.

A stunning piece of work, it is impossible to single out “the hits” for this album and, in all honesty, it would do the album a disservice to pick out single tracks because, despite being split into 13 tracks, ‘Riverscape’ should only really be appreciated as a whole unit. ‘Riverscape’ is a body of work best listened to with your eyes closed, headphones on and the rest of the world completely shut out.

The music that pours out of Paterlini may be mournful and steeped in sadness at times but, as the opening tones of “Droning Down The River” washes over you, the experience is truly magical. Gentle and soothing, the ethereal tones of tracks like the title track and “Isolated” effortlessly flow from one to the next.

Written as a collaboration between Paterlini and Dutch photographer and visual artist Kristel Schneider, the album came to fruition from an idea which sparked during the pandemic. Taking Kristel’s photographs of the French Allier River, alongside his own familiar experiences of living on the banks of the PO River in Italy, the pianist used this to create a wonderful musical journey to take the listener on.

I guess you could call this “mood music”. Ebbing and flowing right through to the final, almost silent, notes of “Morning Walk”, no matter how many times you press play on ‘Riverscape’ or whatever your mood is when you sink into it, you will discover something new and wonderful through every twist and turn Paterlini takes you on.

UK and European Tour Dates 2023 and 2024:

Oct 25th, Barcelona (ES) : Auditori Barradas
Oct 27th, Madrid (ES) : Cafè Berlin
Nov 9th, London (UK) : Conway Hall
Nov 10th, Manchester (UK) : Stoller Hall
Nov 24th, Rivoli (IT) : TBA
Dec. 01st, Istanbul (TR) : TBA
Dec. 02nd, Istanbul (TR) : TBA

For ticket details and to discover more about Fabrizio and his work, head over to the Official Fabrizio Paterlini Website

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