Newcomer AKICITA is an artist and singer-songwriter with Dominican and Native American heritage, who has transformed her truly tumultuous life journey into an enigmatic, graceful and complex pop persona. Those traits all stand proud as she shares her new single ‘FWMN’ ahead of the release of her upcoming debut EP. Listen HERE.

‘FWMN’ is an assertive dark-pop anthem in which AKICITA channels the skyscraping power of her voice to declare that she’s going to triumph against any obstacles that stand in her way. For AKICITA It’s a cathartic, blood-letting release of angst and insecurities that heralds her as a striking new talent with the ability to wield edginess in an instantly accessible way. As she so boldly affirms, “Who thought I’d burn brighter, brighter than this town?” She wrote ‘FWMN’ with the track’s producer Ben Wylen.

AKICITA says, “This song is about reclaiming my power. No hesitation, no apologies. It’s my warrior anthem song. I’m allowing myself to feel empowered by all the struggles I’ve overcome and still do to this day. No one else fought for me. No one else ever will fight for me. I did this. And I AM doing this. I’m fighting for my life every day and every day that I’m still here, I’ve won another battle. My whole life has been a war. I don’t win every battle but I continue to fight the war and I’m determined to win in the end. I hope that ‘FWMN’ can inspire others to stay and fight the long fight.”

Taken entirely upon its own merits, ‘FWMN’ is a big introduction from an artist with world class potential. Yet it takes on a greater significance within the context of the 27-year-old’s life story. Watch the live performance HERE.

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