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‘Lie Out Loud’ Bloxx Album review

There is a resolutely powerful wholeheartedness to the manner Booth delivers

Lie Out Loud album review by Chris High

Formed in Uxbridge, West London, in 2016 by Ophelia Booth (guitar and vocals), Taz Sidhu (guitar), and Joe Kinton (drums) Bloxx have been, across the ensuing four years been busy building. Not only a formidable following across the Indy/Pop scene, but also musically and lyrically. The fruits of these labours, luckily, are being borne to bear on their debut album Lie Out Loud which was released on August 14th.

The polished production, sound platform for catch-all earworms and some pretty devastating vocalisations are set to ensure the future is bright.

There is a resolutely powerful wholeheartedness to the manner Booth delivers her words and feelings. None more so than during the opening Lie Out Loud, alongside Give Me Your Keys and Thinking About Yourself are unquestionably the edgiest tracks on offer. A cross between … well … actually there is little out there to compare Bloxx sound with: which can only be a good thing and that’s for sure.

The stamp of originality is important on a debut and, with this offering, there are hints aplenty that there is still a lot more in the tank.   Having singled out these tracks, however, doesn’t mean to say the remaining eight tracks are lightweights. Far from it. Off My Mind is a true insight into skilled and crafted writing, wrapped around some seriously enigmatically composed backing. Then there’s Hey Jenny which simply screams angst and heart-achingly beautiful ‘want’.

There is an infectiousness about Lie Out Loud that will endure long after the first airing. That there is still more to come, however, is something of a blessing. It’s always better to come back stronger, even after a telling win such as this.


  • Lie Out Loud
  • Coming Up Short
  • Go Out With You
  • 5000 Miles
  • Thinking About Yourself
  • Off My Mind
  • Hey Jenny
  • Changes
  • It Won’t Work Out
  • What You Needed
  • Swimming