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The Allman Betts Band Album review

The Allman Betts Band – Bless Your Heart album review by Chris High

Every so often there comes along an album that drops the jaw like an out of control elevator. The Allman Betts Band offering Bless Your Heart is just such an album. An all-encompassing joy ride of cool rock that positively jangles with the motions, here is a collection of thirteen compositions guaranteed to make the heart soar.

And to think that this is the only the band’s second offering is simply astonishing, such is the near telepathic feel each of the seven band members has for the other.

The opening Pale Horse Rider is a mere aperitif: a pallet cleanser of such consummately creation, there is a moment when you may just think ‘top that then, fellas’, before Carolina kicks in with a wow factor of a number beyond belief.

The respective sons of Allman Brothers Band legends Gregg Allman and Dickey Betts, Devon Allman and Duane Betts, sharing vocals is a masterstroke which provides a zest and vitality to each song other bands might only dream of. King Crawler sees Duane take the lead which provides a smoky joie de vivre.

Savannah’s Dream is right out of the Allman Brothers guidebook of getting it right. An instrumental piece that climbs so high it as though the listener may well be beneath the wings of a soaring eagle. In contrast, Rivers Run holds a familial reminiscence of a lyric that is impossible to doing anything more than be moved by.

The first single release, Magnolia Road is a homely, soothing and comforting composition that’s as satisfying as a snuggle with a trustworthy blanket and all with a deftly honed backdrop of southern ranges underscored by some of the finest musicianship around.

In short, Bless This Heart isn’t so much a double album but rather and oil painting crafted with a deep musical intensity, more than a touch of imagery and a sense of self-respect, affection and love for what The Allman Betts Band as a unit have delivered.

Bravo, guys! Bravo! Your parents would be rightly proud.

Track List:

1. Pale Horse Rider
2. Carolina Song
3. King Crawler
4. Ashes of My Lovers
5. Savannah’s Dream
6. Airboats & Cocaine
7. Southern Rain
8. Rivers Run
9. Magnolia Road
10. Should We Ever Part
11. The Doctor’s Daughter
12. Much Obliged
13. Congratulations

The Allman Betts Band release their second full-length studio album titled Bless Your Heart on Friday 28th August 2020 via BMG.