The Unlikely Candidates and 10 Questions with TotalNtertainment. The Unlikely Candidates recently released “High Low” (LISTEN HERE), their follow up single to their #1 Alt Radio hit song “Novocaine” so we had a chat with them about life on the road, their new single and more.

1. Thanks for your time, you’ve just put out your new single “High Low”, how challenging was it recording during lockdown ?

It was not as bad as you would think really. We write and record a lot of stuff at home, so it wasn’t too much different. I just had our producer on FaceTime helping direct the vocal session a bit. I also had to move my whole recording rig into a closet because of sound issues, so I was cutting vocals around a bunch of old sweaters.

2. The song is about the highs and lows of touring and being at home. What do you do as a band to keep your mental health in check when you’re on the road ?

It’s tough to do honestly. I go for walks and check out the city we are in for a bit of time away from it all. Other than that you just have to submit to the routine and chaos of it all.

3. For non-musicians, what are the high and low points of being out touring the world ?

Highs are getting to get your hour of glory on stage and meet the people who support you, the lows would be sleeping in a van, fast food, not showering, the dead hours before the shows, and of course not seeing your friends and family for months at a time.

4. What five essential items can’t you live without on the road ?

A laptop, a book to read, hair spray, a vics vaporizer, and a ninja star.

5. Sharing a bus with four other best friends must bring out the best and worst in you. Tell us some of the band’s bad habits…

Leaving stuff everywhere in the band, I know I’m bad about that. Jared snores really loud, not really a habit but concerning none the less. Kevin always leaves stuff in the venue that someone has to grab. I’m always late. That’s definitely one the others would say.

6. For all the lows, you will have some great memories to look back on, are there any stories that stick in your mind that you can tell us ?

Playing a sweaty amazing show at South By South West with labels watching and then getting flown out to NYC to try out for those labels a few days later. Playing for ten thousand people at a radio show in Denver. Those are a couple of good ones.

7. What about coming back home to normal life? What is normal life for you all? Day jobs, families?

Some of us have side jobs that we go back to and families. We go out and are rockstars on the road and then come home and are relatively normal. Hanging out at bars with friends and writing music at home.

8. Okay, the single is out, what is next for the band? Any new music in the pipeline ?

A lot of it! We should have an album out early next year and most of it will be new stuff.

9. Just for fun: If you were to stand as a candidate in the next US election and won, what is the first law that you would bring in and is there any that you would abolish straight away ?

Probably something to help workers or legally oppressed communities in our country. I’d get rid of the electoral college.

10. Thanks for your time and good luck with the single, just to finish what are your goals for the band long-term ?

Just to be able to make enough money to do what we love and try to make people’s lives a little better with our music.

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