After performing no fewer than 160 shows on his last circuit of the country, Gary Delaney might be expected to take a bit of a breather now. But he has spent the lockdown period burrowing through the looking-glass and emerging with a brand show. Welcome to ‘Gary In Punderland’.

One of the most sought-after, prolific and successful gagsmiths in the country, Live At The Apollo star and longstanding Mock the Week special guest, Gary unleashes a brand new show with hit after hit of the kind of one-liners only a master could craft. If you’re hunting for snark, Gary’s got it covered. (NOTE: people not actively hunting for snark will also be entertained.) You can expect, as ever, a killer-gag-rate rivalled by nobody out there, and a merciless evening of wall-to-wall, no-filler joke artistry.

Gary Delaney’s credentials as a uniquely gifted one-liner craftsman were even further underlined this year, when he published his first book – ‘Pundamentalist’. (To be more specific about it, Headline published it for him; Gary didn’t have to print out all the copies and staple them together himself.) More than two hundred five-star reviews on Amazon confirm what the UK’s comedy fans already know: the man is a joke phenomenon. Don’t miss this chance to see him do what he does best, with a massive new arsenal of material. You are cordially invited to Punderland.

(NOTE: ‘Punderland’ is not a real place; it is a play on the popular children’s classic ‘Alice In Wonderland’. The shows will take place in various stipulated locations around the United Kingdom, details of which can be found online. Refunds will not be offered to people who attempt to attend the show in an alternative universe.)

Tour dates: 


23rd March                    Dumfries, Theatre Royal        

24th March                    Aberdeen, Tivoli Theatre       

25th March                    Inverness, Strathpeffer Pavilion

26th March                    Sunderland, Fire Station        

27th March                    Liverpool, Epstein Theatre    

29th March                    Colchester, Arts Centre         

1st April                         Teignmouth, Pavilions           

2nd April                        Southampton, Hanger Farm 

13th April                      Edinburgh, The Stand             

14th April                     Glasgow, The Stand                 

29th April                     Saffron Walden, Town Hall    

16th June                     Fareham, Ashcroft Arts          

Below is just a timy sample of some of Gary Delaney’s best jokes

  • 50 percent of people who go to watch The Cure actually end up watching Placebo, and enjoy it just as much.
  • The study of why triangular sandwiches taste better is known as trigonom-nom-nomnometry.
  • I used to be into ham radio, but all I could hear was crackling.
  • I’m never jogging behind a Council van in Winter ever again, he said through gritted teeth.
  • Is it OK that I start drinking as soon as the kids are at school? Or does that make me a bad teacher?
  • The worst thing about living next door to MC Hammer is the constant DIY noise. I shouted ‘Stop!’ but if anything that made it worse.
  • I’ve just bought Spider-Man pyjamas. I hope he likes them.
  • Twerking is what a Yorkshireman does to earn T’wages.

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