SuperGirly: Back to the Noughty 90’s is ready to hit you baby one more time. In an all-out assault on the world of pop, that will have you screaming, laughing and wincing simultaneously. SuperGirly pushes the boundaries – PPush it real good and will change the way you listen to pop music forever!  This brand-new show, the first from SuperGirly in over 20 years, comes to the Museum of Comedy for 7 nights from 5th – 15th July.

Ahh the 90’s when no one knew what gluten intolerance was and the only thing we worried about was if Mr Blobby was going to be the Christmas No 1. Northern line, A1, Lolly, no these aren’t names of motorways and delicious treats, they are just some of the forgotten bubble-gum pop we chewed up and spat out. Now SuperGirly with her wicked vocals and semi dodgy memory is going to step back in time for a musical poke at an era of Girl Power, Boy bands, and Ice Ice baby. A time we learnt the life changing lesson, that if you wanna be my lover, you got get with my friends.

A self-confessed, self-crowned “Princess of Pop Parodies”, SuperGirly puts herself on the elite A-list of celebrities. Now if like SuperGirly, you have never gotten over the trauma of Gerri leaving the Spice Girls, really were on team Britney and not Christina, then it’s time to pop on your Hammer pants, wear your power suit without a shirt, and grab your nearest feather boa, because Backstreets back alright? So get ready to Zigga zay ah.

Not for the faint hearted, SuperGirly ensures no star is safe from her killer vocals, outrageous lyrics, and razor-sharp wit. She takes on some of pop music’s biggest stars, with hysterical digs at the likes of Madonna, Spice Girls, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Celine Dion, All Saints… and what she does to Cher, can only be described as pure justice.

SuperGirly will take the audience on an all-singing, all-dancing ride of laughs and emo0ons, making them feel like they are ge\ng an intimate look into her mad world, and, just when the audience feels safest, she likes to get amongst them, even inviting audience members to join her on www. This is a place where anything can happen… and usually does.

An hilarious poke at the business of “SHOW”, there are plenty of huge laughs for everybody. If you LIKE pop music, you will LOVE this show; if you HATE pop music, you will LOVE this show, so, if you can’t tell the difference between a Steps and an S-Club 7, you will be laughing so hard you won’t care.


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