It’s a great time to be The Sherlocks. Their recent single ‘Sirens’ was named as Jordan & Vick’s Tune of the Week before picking up further Radio 1 airplay from Jack Saunders, and that momentum carried into the follow-up ‘Don’t Let It Out’ which was accompanied by the band’s best video to date. Their recent set at Stockton Calling was completely full hours before they stepped on stage, and the chaos was heightened when fans burst through security and jumped through fire exits before dashing to hide among the packed crowd.
It all positions the band perfectly ahead of the August 11th release of their eagerly anticipated new album ‘People Like Me & You’. The Sherlocks take another big step towards its release by sharing the album’s title track and new single. LISTEN HERE.

‘People Like Me & You’ again sees The Sherlocks igniting an anthemic arms-in-the-air banger like it’s effortless this time dropping a double-shot of synths and dancey beats into their indie-rock heart. It’s also a song which represents the all-in-it-together vibe of a band who are just as down-to-earth as their fans. Kiaran Crook’s lyrics champion the lives of ‘People Like Me & You’, from anxious outsiders feeling out of place at crowded parties to people making a mad rush for the last train after a big night out.  
Kiaran Crook says, “‘People Like Me & You’ is a song that I think the fans will get behind. It’s indie rock but at the same time there is a real dance element to it which is pretty cool. The only time we’ve ever done anything with this sort of vibe is probably on the last record with ‘Sorry’, and this one feels the next step of what we started with that. It’s a proper foot stomper, and it’s going to be a real fan favourite!”
The song was written by Kiaran Crook and was produced by Al Groves (Bring Me The Horizon, The Reytons).
The Sherlocks’ recent songs all live up to the promise that ‘People Like Me & You’ will be their best album to date. The hooks ascend higher, the energy is extra-electrified, and the brighter synth-rock elements add an exciting new element to the sound. And yet the narratives that the band share throughout are as relatable as ever. The album is available to pre-order HERE. All album bundles purchased from the band’s official store include a free bonus CD.

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