New Zealand’s beloved sissy Chris Parker is mincing his way over to Edinburgh with his award-winning Camp Binch but before that he took some time to chat with us.

 1. So, you’re bringing your show to Edinburgh Fringe Festival this month, what are you expecting from it?

Overnight success, fame, riches. I don’t think that’s unreasonable.

2. On the comedy circuit Edinburgh is such an important event. What are you hoping to get out of it?

I wouldn’t mind a publicity scandal like “Gay Comedian, Reveals On Stage, No Really Gay”

3. What can comedy fans who choose to check out your show expect from it?

The show is deeply personal and reveals a lot about my childhood and adolescents. So hopefully it’s very relatable in the respect that we have all had e a childhood. Unless you’ve got some strange Benjamin Button disease where you were born a full adult

4. As a gay comedian what are people’s attitudes like towards you and have attitudes changed towards gay comedians in recent times?

I’m sure a lot of people think I’ll only talk about gay stuff. Which is 80% true. But only because that’s my experience. I promise if I had any anecdotes about being a straight man I would tell them, and be rich!

5. Could you tell us a little about your life story as a comedian?

I’m based in Auckland NZ,  I am apart of the local improv scene called “Snort” It’s a lot cooler than it sounds. We do a late night show every Friday night in the centre of town and sell out every week. The group is made up lots of comedians who are all respectively nailing it their own careers and we come together to improvise for free on Friday nights. So wholesome. That’s what has really shaped me as a comedian, the funnier people I surround myself with. We are actually brining our show “Snort with Friends” to The Pleasence this Fringe too!

6. Camp Binch? Have you ever been camping? If yes, any good experiences? If not why not?

My Mum made a statement about our family which I feel really sums us up. She said,  “Our family doesn’t Camp, Ski, Bake or Sew” Our vibe is much more indoors, with NZ wine and having passive, wine induced arguments with each other.

7. You also work as a writer for a number of shows, any more in the pipeline?

I currently write and act in a local New Zealand sitcom called “Golden Boy” it’s unavailable overseas unless you can hack the internet. Ending geoblocking is a cause Im willing to die for.  (It’s not)

8. What’s the comedy circuit like in New Zealand ? Any good up and coming comics we should be looking out for?

It’s very similar to overseas except the accents are quite different. Instead of “Sainsbury’s” we say “Countdown” We don’t joke about “Pret A Manger” because we don’t have it over there. We haveI some incredible New Zealand comedy exports. Rose Matafeo, Flight of the Conchords, Taika Waititi. If anything New Zealand’s comedic identity is pretty out in the open, it’s very classic of us to pretend it isn’t though.

9. Curveball question – if a flavour of ice-cream was created to match your personality what flavours would need to be in it?

Ok there is an ice cream company in NZ called Duck Island and they make a Fairy Bread Ice cream and when I ate it, i thought “This is me” and then that song played over the radio and I cried.

10. After Edinburgh, what are your plans for the rest of 2019?

My boyfriend and I are going to have a Holiday in Italy for 2 weeks. Anymore details of the trip would be a severe breach of trust in our relationship.

You can get tickets to Chris’s Edinburgh shows here.


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