TotalNtertainment managed to grab some time with Edited People ahead of the next #360RAW5 in Leeds this Friday.


1.Thanks for your time. How are things going for your debut gig next week? 

Really well. Everything has come together so well, we cannot wait for this gig, and the fact it is looking like selling out is awesome! We’re well prepared. We have been practicing our set since January and, luckily, we aren’t sick of the songs yet. We’ve been putting posters around Leeds to help promote the gig and so far, we are getting plenty of people down. We are ready to go!

2.How did you guys meet and what made you want to form a band?

Me, Tom and Josh met at college when we were 16, however we only thought about getting in a band together when we were 20. I briefly met Laura in my 2nd year but she officially came into the band in my 3rd year. Since I was 18, I wanted to be in a band but couldn’t write songs and didn’t understand how to craft my sound. Me and Josh spent all of our University time writing songs and gigging our original material acoustically, and we felt that the next step was to become a band.  

3.You’ve got a new single out, Feel My Skin; are there plans to release further material?

Yes, definitely; we will be releasing singles every three months, and when the third single is released we will be releasing our EP. We’re wanting to do music videos for every single. Our first video for Feel My Skin is completely DIY.

4.There is a 90s influence to your sound, who would you say your main influences are?

Our main influencers would be Siouxsie and the Banshees, No Doubt, System of a Down, Soundgarden, Kate Bush, ah … there is just so many. But we would call those our main influences.  

5.The single looks at the dangers of Social Media. What more do you think can be done to protect people of all ages from the dangers of not just Social Media but also the internet as a whole?

It’s about self-control, only the individual can control how much they invest. It’s easy to get stuck and waste your life comparing yourself to others. You can scroll down your news feed then look at the clock and you’ve been on your phone for three hours and, in the end, it just makes you feel so crap about how your life is. People only want to put out the best and this makes a lot of people feel inferior.  

6.As a band, though, it’s a necessary part of your world, isn’t it?

Absolutely, don’t get me wrong social media has a good side to it, like everything, but it’s good in small doses.

7.Like we’ve said, your first gig is in a couple of weeks; what are your plans for after that?

We’re planning our next single launch. We also are sharing the stage with our good friends Hands off Gretel on 27 December which will be really exciting. Next year we will be applying for festivals and releasing plenty more material.  

8.Your debut gig is part of the #360RAW5 night; how did you get involved in that?

Well, Richard Watson invited us to play the gig on 12 October, although to begin with we didn’t realise it was part of #360RAW5, so when he told us it was going to be part of that we were very excited.

9.Curveball question: You’re sat on your own in a bar when an alien walks in and sits down with you. What do you talk about?

Favourite cereal? Do they have cereal?

10.Thanks for your time. What would you say to entice our readers down to #360RAW5 for your debut?

Literally you will not want to miss it, as this will be the first time our music will be heard. We can guarantee a thrilling live performance including great musicality and exciting riffs.


You can see Edited People this Friday 12th October at the Leeds Lending Room

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