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10 Questions with …. Fudge

With a 5th night of new music coming from the #360RAW night in Leeds this Friday, we got the chance to chat with Fudge.

With a 5th night of new music coming from the #360RAW night in Leeds this Friday, we got the chance to chat with Fudge.

1.Hi, thanks for answering our questions. Could you introduce the band to our readers?

Fudge. are a 4-piece rock band originating in Leeds. Our sound is a combination of funky melodies, heavy rock riffs with the occasional outburst of punk influences too. We’d like to say there is a unique style that goes hand in hand with our half-hearted, easy going outlook on life. We’re also pretty good looking too. 

2.You’ve got a gig coming up next week at #360RAW; how did you get involved and what can we expect from your set?

We played for 360 Club a few months ago, after Otto (our guitarist) searched through loads of forums to find Richard’s email address. We guess it’s as simple as Richard liking what he saw and heard and asking us back for more! Except this time, it’s more high profile which we’re buzzing about. Energy, emotion, riffs, atmosphere and a lot of movement. We’re also really loud. Anyone not moving in the room shouldn’t be in the room.

3.You’ve got the Walrus single out; are there any plans for further new music?

Of course! We’ve got so many songs in the pipeline, the only thing holding us back is time and money. We don’t plan on stopping until we’re five albums deep, headlined Glastonbury and sold out Wembley. Ambitious we know, but every lad has a dream. For now, we are aiming to release a new tune this February and then we’re looking to compile an EP.

4.Who would you describe your influences as?

Skepta and Hans Zimmer. Nah not quite. We love British rock, old and new. Royal Blood, Slaves, Oasis, Foals, Arctic Monkeys, Stone Roses, Jamie T, Queen, Muse, Pink Floyd, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead. We don’t tend to restrict ourselves to this side of the pond though, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Stone Sour, RHCP, Springsteen etc. Not Nickelback, though.

5.The #360RAW gigs showcase new talent; what do you think of the music scene in Yorkshire?

360 club are doing great things for the industry. They’re definitely going to bring the best out of so many up and coming bands. We’ve had a lot of helpful people giving us gigs all over. But much like any scene it has its fair share of arseholes too.

6.And what about the Leeds scene? Are there any venues and bands worth mentioning?

There are a few bands, Serratone, Wuzi and Forever Cult. Just a few who have caught our attention. 

7.What are your plans for the rest of 2018 and into 2019?

We want to gig and gain as much exposure as possible; we want to get onto the festival circuit next year and spend the entire summer out and about; we want to try to get an EP out by summer next year. 

8.What do you know about the other three bands on the bill?

Never came across them before but we love finding new bands to get into so we’re buzzing to see them live.

9.Curveball question: Given the Walrus title of your single, if you could be any sea creature what would you be and why?

Angus has always said he’d like to be a dolphin because he just enjoys being wet and slippery. Angus has also been quoted saying, “Dolphins are just sick, mate”.

10.Thanks for your time. Just to finish with, why would you say people should come and check your set out next week?

Our ethos when we’re on stage is to be the catalyst between the audience and a good time, and if you like a good time then we’re for you. Just join the bandwagon, it’s a right laugh.