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10 Questions with …. False Advertising

We spoke with Chris Warr from False Advertising ahead of Rifffest this weekend.

We spoke with Chris Warr from False Advertising ahead of Rifffest this weekend.

1. So, you’re appearing at Rifffest at the weekend, how did you get involved?

We were invited by the guys in Brooders, who we’ve had our eye on for a while! Their whole approach to putting on a massive DIY all-dayer resonates with us very much, as we did a very similar thing in Manchester last year. We’re gonna feel right at home.

2. You’ve had some great festival opportunities to date [Meltdown, SXSW etc]; are there any festivals that you would particularly like to play?

We are playing 2000 Trees this year which was definitely on the bucket list. We also have Truck Festival on our singer Jen’s ‘I’d really want to play’ list in particular, as that one is on her home turf; and Leeds Festival for me as I used to attend that one every year.

3. Are there any of the other bands that you’re particularly looking forward to checking out?

Bloodhound are on early and they are killer! Well worth getting down early for; they just get better and better. We are also looking forward to Hands Off Gretel as we have shared bills with them in the past but have not managed to see them live yet. We can’t possibly pick favourites though because the whole line up is super strong.

4. What can the audience expect from your set?

We are just gonna hammer out as many songs in an hour as we can, pretty much all our singles and our top Spotify tracks, plus a smattering of brand new stuff that we’re going to release later this year.

5. Rifffest is a great way to start 2019; what plans do you have for the rest of the year?

More festivals, a few one-off shows around the country, but be on the lookout for new singles in the run up to our next album. Nothing is really set in stone yet but we are planning a lot for the year ahead, all the signs look good.

6. Do you have any good festival stories, either as a band or a punter?

Festivals are all about the company you keep. Playing a game called ‘Ping-Pong-Pa’ with a saucepan full of brandy and a great group of friends is a resounding memory from Leeds Festival, it just kept happening every year … for breakfast.

7. What advice would you give someone going to their first festival this summer?

Don’t just exist on peanuts and beer, you’ll get terrible heartburn. Wear sunscreen for Pete’s sake! And look out for each other.

8. What five items would you say are essential for anyone attending a festival this summer?

External phone battery (a big one), sun cream, fruit, a bottle of spirit, baby wipes.

9. As a music fan, which riffs from any band make the hairs on your neck stand up; and are there any riffs that you wish you’d written?

A great riff that is a hook in its own right and totally original is an amazing thing. Sometimes simple ones like Break Stuff by Limp Bizkit still raise the hairs to this day. We are collectively massive fans of Deftones; it would have been ace to write the main riff from Rocket Skates but that would also require us to be in Deftones and not in False Advertising.

10. Thanks for your time. We’ll give you one last chance to tell everyone why they should come to check out your set at Rifffest at the weekend?

It has to be the best £10 you can spend, surely? Unless you don’t like riffs … then you can go to Soul Train instead.


The event will take place at Leeds Lending Room on Saturday 26 January from 5pm until 11pm.

TIER 1 Tickets: £5 [SOLD OUT] | TIER 2 Tickets: £7 | On the Door: £10
Ticket Link: https://www.musicglue.com/rifffest/events/c023c620-c7f8-0136-c73a-56198c45de53