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10 Questions with …. Household Dogs

Declan from Household Dogs was able to spare a few mins of his time for a quick chat with us ahead of Rifffest this weekend.

Declan from Household Dogs was able to spare a few mins of his time for a quick chat with us ahead of Rifffest this weekend.

1. So, you’re appearing at Rifffest at the weekend, how did you get involved?

We are indeed. We were actually asked by Adam of Brooders notoriety. We have played with them a few times and we’re all fans so the only logical answer to being asked was yes.

2. Are there any of the other bands that you’re particularly looking forward to checking out?

When Adam mentioned he was curating a line up for a day festival it was always going to be good. He knows the ins and outs of the northern music scene so I guess my answer is everyone. Of course, we are looking forward to the Brooders gang especially, they keep going from strength to strength.

3. What can the audience expect from your set?

 As a band, we have always tried to avoid being boring live. I can’t imagine many artists strive to be mundane but it is easy to slip into those band clichés. Reaching out to an audience is on the top of the agenda, half of the battle is the music and the other half is making people listen to you.

4. Rifffest is a great way to start 2019; what plans do you have for the rest of the year?

 2019 is going to be a busy one. Last year we were so wrapped up with playing live that we neglected releasing new music a little but we are going to rectify this. We have a new single, Lonely Lover, ready for release on 22 February; another planned for a few months after and then our debut EP later in the year. We’ve also got quite a few live dates: Rifffest of course; Live at Leeds in May; and we are planning to tour in June. There will be others in between to keep an eye out for.

5. Do you have any good festival stories, either as a band or a punter?

We’ve all been punters at one stage or another so it’s hard not to collect some good stories from those wild sixteen-year-old summer nights, but playing at Reading and Leeds definitely threw up a few. The lovely people at Leeds Festival were kind enough to put us up in the guest camping. It is essentially a normal campsite but with some showers in a crate that are moved in by fork lift. On the Saturday, our guitarist Henry went for a restorative shower after a heavy night only to discover a human faece in the one free shower. For some reason, this isn’t that uncommon at a British festival.

6. You’ve already played Reading and Leeds Festivals; what’s your favourite thing about outdoor festivals?

I feel like you get a different atmosphere at outdoor festivals than any other show. It makes them unique, there is some kind of tribalism about it all. People are willing to go out to see artists whatever the weather and whatever the time. It is something that doesn’t happen anywhere else.

7. What advice would you give someone going to their first festival this summer?


8. What five items would you say are essential for anyone attending a festival this summer?

 If I was pushed I’d have to say: water; some kind of rain coat; sunglasses; an old burner phone [preferably Nokia, you don’t really need a camera]; and a pair of Docs. But as long as you have somewhere to sleep and maybe £20 you’ll be fine. Everything seems to work itself out at a festival.

9. As a music fan, which riffs from any band make the hairs on your neck stand up; and are there any riffs that you wish you’d written?

 I think we all have an endless list of those. Although not strictly a guitar based riff, Springsteen’s Dancing in The Dark melody has to be up there. It’s just so iconic. I can remember where I was when I first heard it and it always transports me back there. It’s a strange effect. I think the one riff I wish I had written has to be on Beat the Devil’s Tattoo by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. It just sounds mean and has this hypnotic effect. It’s definitely powerful. Currently I don’t think anyone on the UK scene is doing the riff better than The Blinders, their album is full of them.  

10. Thanks for your time. We’ll give you one last chance to tell everyone why they should come to check out your set at Rifffest at the weekend?

Thank you, it’s a pleasure. Well, I’m sure there are far more pressing issues on a cold January Saturday night than watching five people get sweaty on a stage, but I can assure you that it won’t be a disappointing evening.


The event will take place at Leeds Lending Room on Saturday 26 January from 5pm until 11pm.

TIER 1 Tickets: £5 [SOLD OUT] | TIER 2 Tickets: £7 | On the Door: £10
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