Hannah Jane Lewis has just announced the release of her new single Lemonade, we got to chat with her ahead it the release tomorrow

1. Thanks for your time Hannah, if you’re not drinking Lemonade while you answer this interview, what is your drink of choice ?

Now that dry Jan is practically over, WINE

2. You’ve performed with some big acts like Rita Ora and Shawn Mendes, what have you learned from that ?

I think just the level of professionalism and ‘show must go on’ mentality. When I supported Rita Ora the weather was literally apocalyptic, I did my set in beautiful sunshine and then as we got closer to hers the skies opened. There was talk of whether it would happen or not but she got on stage and literally acted as if it was a perfect day. She danced and sang so hard while rain literally smacked her in the face at like 60mph, I was in awe!

3. You’ve also wanted to be a singer as long as you can remember, which songs did you mime to infront of your bedroom mirror ?

When I was little definitely The Spice Girls! Then as I got older I used to basically re-enact Avril Lavigne music videos in front of the mirror, I loved her so much I started skateboarding haha.

4. Playing shows is something you’ve said you plan to do a lot of in 2020, what’s your favourite thing about playing live ?

When I’m on stage is when I feel the most comfortable, I really love it. It’s when I feel the most connected to my music and I also loveeee meeting fans.

5. At this stage in your career, who do you think would be the perfect artist for you to tour with and why ?

Ooooh theres so many people I’d love to support! I’d love to open for Rita Ora again, or Carly Rae Jepsen, Troye Sivan etc. My biggest dream would be to open for Taylor Swift or Katy Perry, I’d probably pass out lol. Any of the big pop hitters!

6. You spent a lot of time in America, what was that experience like and what did you learn from it ?

It was the best! It was a massive culture shock at first and so different to my life back in England so I definitely had to learn how to be flexible and embrace massive change. I really had an amazing experience living out there though, I miss it all the time!

7. How do you feel you are different as a musician having spent that time in America ?

I think it shaped me a lot! My music is definitely quite American sounding which is something that comes naturally for me. I was living out there for quite a while and at a really influential time in my life, so american pop and even some aspects of american country music feel like they’re in my blood.

8. The single is described as being written in the height of Summer, what is your favourite Summer memory ?

Hmmm, when I was in high school and would just spend the summer running around with my friends and had absolutely no responsibilities!

9. Just for fun, if you were arrested with no explanation, what would your friends and family assume you had done?

LOL! I think maybe that I’d gotten too involved in someone else’s argument, said too much and made a scene haha

10. Thanks for your time, what can we expect from you in 2020

Lots and lots of new music and some more live shows 🙂 Thank you!

Lemonade will be available to buy/stream on 31st January. Pre-save here.

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