#360RAW12 is only a few short weeks away, we managed to speak with The Harriets again as they are about to perform on this very successful night again.

1. Thanks for your time. So, you played at #360RAW3; what can you remember about that night?

It was a real breakthrough night for us. Earlier that year we’d had our first play on national radio, Tom Robinson on BBC 6 Music, and every panel event we’d been to and musician we’d spoken to had stressed the importance of BBC Introducing. So, to get a chance to play #360RAW felt like a natural and exciting next step, especially when we ended up headlining.

2.Could you tell us what has been going on with the band since that show?

Since #360RAW3 we’ve acquired a new full-time member of the band, keyboard player Jess; released a Christmas single; been on air at the BBC being interviewed and playing live for Alan Raw; bagged a series of residency gigs at a bar in Leeds; released a concert film, which can be found on YouTube; been shortlisted for Glastonbury Emerging Talent; and played our first gig in London. Busy, busy.

3. What can we expect from you at #360RAW12 in February?

New songs, new fans, new energy and a fatter sound.

4.Last time we spoke, you mentioned an interesting gig experience with a band called Grindcore Cake Makers. Have there been any other interesting / funny / horror gig stories or experiences since we last chatted?

We’ve had a host of weird gigs in Doncaster, which drummer Ryan describes as having a ‘chaotic energy,’ and he’s from there so he should know. One gig was essentially in a scout hut, to about three 14-year-old girls, who gradually left until we were playing to nobody at all. The sound guy liked it. 

5. What about new music from the group? Is there anything lined-up for 2020?

One of the great, but occasionally frustrating, things about having two prolific songwriters in the band, is that there is always tons of new stuff in the chute, it’s just finding the right time and context to release it. We’ve just come back from one of our semi-regular songwriting holidays, and we’ve written some lovely, elaborate, theatrical stuff unlike what we’ve done before. On top of that we are constantly recording, so you can expect a release, or indeed several releases, in 2020. 

6. It’s been almost eighteen months since we last spoke; how do you think you have grown as a band?

Doing regular two-hour sets for the bar residency meant learning a ton of covers pretty quickly, which has made us more adaptable, and as tight as two coats of paint musically and rhythmically. Learning the tricks of other artists and how to work those into your own particular thing is very valuable and we’re a much, much better live act for it. With a fourth person on keyboards, we have a broader sound palette to play with when arranging the originals, and a third voice for harmonies

7. What’s been your favourite thing to happen to the band since we last spoke?

Being shortlisted for Glastonbury Emerging Talent. That was so affirming. To be picked from the several thousand bands that applied, with a song that we recorded ourselves in Dan’s bedroom, just showed that we’re doing something right.

8. If we speak again in eighteen months, where would you like to see the band being and, realistically, what would you hope to have achieved?

Signed to a label, with a manager, and more time to concentrate on writing and creating.

9. Curveball Question:  what are five things you could use a brick for, not including building or a paperweight?

Writing a song about (Ben Folds did that).

Painting a face on and declaring it modern art.

Gift wrapping and sending to an unloved relative.

Putting in your pocket when you finally decide to throw yourself in the river and end it all.

Chucking through the face of Big Ben as it Bongs for Brexit.

10. Finally, what are your hopes and ambitions for 2020?

To be happy and successful, without one cancelling out the other.

You can get your tickets for this hugely popular night here: https://www.crashrecords.co.uk/360raw12


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