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10 Questions with …. Jagged Moon

Jagged Moon are playing the the Lending Room in Leeds this week at what promises to be another success night for #360RAW, they spoke to us ahead of the show

Jagged Moon are playing the the Lending Room in Leeds this week at what promises to be another success night for #360RAW, they spoke to us ahead of the show.

1. Hey guys, how’s it going? Are you looking forward to playing your debut gig at 360 Raw next week? 

We can’t wait to be honest. We’ve spent a lot of time in small rooms playing to the walls so it’s gonna be ace to play to actual living beings.

2. How did you get involved and what do you know about the other bands?

We’ve played gigs at the 360 Club before in previous bands, but this should be something special looking at the line-up. Although we haven’t played with Wuzi or Velvit they have been on our Spotify playlists in the lead up to this show so we’re looking forward to hearing what these guys can do live!

3. You’re a new band to the scene, how did the idea come about to start a band?

I guess so, Jagged Moon is a new project formed from the ashes of previous Leeds bands. We took about a year off gigging and recording to focus on individual projects, but we’re all close friends so ended up back in a rehearsal room before long jamming, writing and generally playing with new ideas. We enjoy playing together and we love playing live so, why not.

4. How helpful are gigs like 360 Raw for bands at the stage in their career that you’re at?

Really helpful, people like Richard Watson are so supportive when it comes to promotion and advice, he’s had huge amounts of experience working with some really successful bands over the years, so he has plenty of wisdom to share. Alan Raw is our local ambassador for New Music in Yorkshire for the BBC and meeting him on Friday will be fun. 

5. What are your goals for 2019?

Write, record and release more music, play some cool shows and just generally see how things go. We’re optimistic.

6. Looking back over 2018, which bands/albums have impressed you most and is there anybody you think our readers should be checking out?

We have a pretty broad range of music tastes in the band, we all agree on a few and have enjoyed watching bands like De-Mob Happy, Nothing but Thieves, Blossoms, Peace, Slaves and The Wombats [to name a few] grow in 2018. Definitely Listen to De-Mob Happy – Holy Doom!!! This is an absolute banger of an album and is probably the top of my Spotify list for 2018, also Peace – Kindness is the new Rock and Roll, Slaves – Acts of Fear and Love – awesome punky rawness that gets us in the mood for a bit of a mad one if we’re going out. But we also like psych’y electronic stuff like Unknown Mortal Orchestra, their new album Sex & Food is really cool. Basically, lots of recommendations for albums in 2018 – come talk to us about them at the gig, we love new music! 

7 .What about new music from Jagged Moon? We’ve read that you’ve been locked away writing music in secret? 

We have, it’s all new material. We have two singles out at the moment and more to release soon! It’s all sounding good and we are still writing all the time, with yet more studio time booked in the new year. 

8. Describe your sound in five words…

Dancey rocky hooky heavy goodness. 

9. What is the crappest Christmas present you’ve ever given somebody?

A hotel bible.

10.Thanks for your time, here’s your last opportunity to entice people down to see your set next Friday …

We’ve been working bloody hard and we don’t know how its gonna go … either well or not. It’s gonna be an experience regardless so I’d suggest you get down. If you’re reading this on the day we don’t have any tickets left so for your sake I hope there are tickets on the door!