1. Thanks for your time. In a few sentences could you tell our readers about Mega Happy?

Mega Happy are a Leeds Indie Pop Group who’ve been together for two years. Over this time, they’ve cultivated a following of people who need a bit more melancholia in their life. 

2. Your gigs have been described as DIY parties – can you elaborate on that for us?

We love to just get some people down to a local venue, invite some of our friends to play and just crack on with performing. Some of our best gigs have been when we have just called up a venue, paid a deposit, turned up with our gear and powered through as many angsty songs as possible. 

3. Tell us about the craziest gig story the band have experienced?

When we first played at the 360 Club, we had not played in Leeds in quite a while and since we had last played, a few of the tracks we put out had got some good traction. From the second we counted in the first song, people were shouting riffs and lyrics back to us; and for once they weren’t our house mates, uncles or girlfriends. 

4. I believe you’ve been known to throw a Joy Division cover into your set. Are Joy Division a big influence on you?

When Mega Happy first started, Joy Division were and, to an extent, still are everything. They were the first band to not be hard rock or glam or pop; it was the first gritty music that sounded like it was about real stuff. Plus, the whole super dance-y tracks about how-you-want-to-die thing is how we like it. 

5. How would you describe your sound and which bands had the biggest impact and influence on how you sound?

Our sound is fast, catchy tunes with some level of subtle sophistication, especially in the rhythm section. The bands that influence us the most are a lot of the early Manchester bands like Joy Division, The Smiths, The Chameleons. Also, we are massive fans of the girl groups of the 50s and 60s; if Phil Spector produced it and it has vocal harmonies, we love it.

6. Times are a bit tough out there at the moment. Apart from the band, what else is it that is 

making you mega happy?

Firstly, great pun. When Leeds United crush it and Bamford pulls his finger out and contributes we are very happy. Also, when we meet people who love our tunes in a genuine way it takes the edge off the crippling cynicism out there these days. 

7. General Election coming up – what are your hopes for the UK in 2020?

We hope for a year of the world getting its act together. Whatever that entails we don’t know but would be nice to not be on the verge of the Apocalypse for once. 

8. And what about the band? What are your plans for 2020?

We plan on recording heavily, expand our horizons and play up and down the country. We have very recently played sold out gigs in places like Nottingham and Sheffield; we really hope to continue to do that.

9. Curveball question – if you were a kitchen appliance, which one would you be and why?

A whisk because we like to mix things up.

10. Thanks for your time. One last chance to tell our readers why they should get down to see your set at 360RAW11 on Friday 29 November …

Come down to 360RAW11, it will be biblical. Alan Raw is going to be dropping some great tunes after between and four great bands who will all be busy being seminal. Get on down. 

You can grab yourself some tickets to see Mega Happy and the rest of the bands at the next #360RAW11 night in Leeds on 29th November here

Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/798050700639631

Ticket link: https://www.crashrecords.co.uk/360raw11


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