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10 Questions with …. Multinut Butter

Multinut Butter took some time to chat with us ahead of the next installment of #360RAW at the 360 Club on 29th November

1. Thanks for your time. In a few sentences could you tell our readers about Multinut Butter?

Ben Parry: We are a psych, rock, pop band with a bit of soul in there.

Amber: Bit of soul in the pot.

Ben Spruce: We get souls and crush them up, grind ‘em up into our music.

Nathan: We’ve been going almost 3 years.

George: Gigging around Leeds.

2. “There’s very little that can prepare you for the experience,” says your press release. Can you give us a teaser of what we can expect from your show?

Nathan: Big long psychedelic Jams to leave you in awe.

George: Rowdy rock jams and drifting dream pop melodies.

3. “There’s no one quite like Multinut Butter” – where do you think your music sits then in the general scheme of things?

Ben Spruce: We’re inspired by artists such as Tame Impala, Mild High Club, King Gizzard and Connan Mockasin. Bit of Puma Blue. 

Amber: We’re sat in the creamy, psych realm. 

4. It all sounds a bit crazy. Are there any wild stories you can share with us?

Amber: Most of the time we just giggle and be silly.

George: We played at the Cavern, that was sick. Oh, and this guy came up to us asking for a photo, got a really good reception from everyone else too. One guy said we sounded like MGMT and that made me happy in my belly. 

Nathan: We often are rowdy in rehearsals.

Ben Parry: And shout at each other a lot. 

George: But it’s all in good jest. 

5. How do people react when they see the band live; and what kind of reaction will you want from the #360RAW11 gig?

Ben Spruce: They hate us.

Nathan: Hopefully a good one.

Amber: In all seriousness, though, I’m new to the band for this gig and I’ve been fan-girling over the boys for the last 3 years and, although they can’t see with the stage lights on them, everyone in the audience gets gassed and lots of our mates tend to singalong so hopefully it’ll be a sick night for y’all.

Matt: There’s some great bands playing so we’re so excited for that too.

6. You’ve got unlimited funds to put together your ultimate four band tour; apart from Multinut Butter, who would be on it?

Ben Parry: Mild High Club!

Amber: King Gizzard!

George: I think Soft Girls and Boys Club too. 

Ben Spruce: Who’s that drummer? Phil Collins. And then Genesis afterwards. 

George: We’ve only got 4.

Amber: Why only 4 though?

7. Food related question – apart from butter, what five essential items would be on your tour rider?

Nathan: Bread to go with the butter cause we’re not psychopaths.

Ben Parry: Peanuts to kill Nathan (he’s allergic).

Amber: Also, Jaffa cakes because Nathan likes them.

George: Anything green for Ben Spruce

Amber: And chocolate cake for Amber! 

8. What are your plans as a band for 2020? 

Ben Parry: Keep going, doing some big gigs.

George: We’re gonna be releasing more singles soon. I’m also working on a concept album with Matt about oneness, unity and loving the world. 

Ben Parry: Have I heard any?

George: Yeah, I think you’ve heard some and you like them.

Ben Spruce: No, I don’t.

9. Curveball question – if you had £2,000 how would you double it in 24 hours?

Nathan: Go back to wherever we got the £2000 from in the first place and ask for more, because it’s pretty unrealistic they’d give us £2000 anyway, so maybe they’d give more. 

Amber: Buy a load of strippers. 

Nathan: How would buying a load of strippers make us make more money?

Amber: It would just make us feel good. We could get some funky lights, like 5000 of them and then we’d be vibing. 

George: How would that make us money?

Amber: It would make us feel good so we’d make better jams. 

10. Thanks for your time. One last chance to tell our readers why they should get down to see your set at 360RAW11 on Friday 29 November …

Nathan: We’ve been working hard to make this our best show yet.

George: We’ve got a new song to share with you and we’re celebrating our single release by selling 10 limited edition CD singles two weeks prior to release on streaming services!

Ben P: We’ve got a new 6-piece line up with two guitars, as Matt has returned and we’ve got Amber gifting us with her backing vocals and organ sounds. 

Matt: There’s loads of other sick bands on too so it’s gonna be a lovely night 🙂


You can grab yourself some tickets to see Multinut Butter and the rest of the bands at the next #360RAW11 night in Leeds on 29th November here

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