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10 Questions with …. The DMAs

Despite a busy year frontman Tommy O’Dell from the DMA’s was able to have a quick chat with us.

TotalNtertainment managed to get some time with Tommy O’Dell the singer from the DMA’s for a quick chat.

1. So, how would you sum up 2018? And what have been the highlights?

It’s been a good year. Highlights have been releasing the second album, selling out our UK tour, playing Splendour in The Grass. 

2. As you come back to in December for a UK tour, what can fans expect from the shows?

Similar. A couple of set list changes, though, and playing for a little longer.

3. How do you prepare for the cold weather in the UK at this time of year?

I’ve just finished packing all my warm clothes but I’ll probably have to buy a new jacket.

4. You played a number of UK festivals this year; how do they differ from festivals back home? And what are your memories of Leeds Festival in particular?

 Leeds Festival was one of my favourites to play this year. It was an awesome crowd and a great atmosphere.

5. Your second album was released in May; although it’s only been out for just over six months, have you thought ahead to the next album and, if so, is there any new music in the pipeline from the band?

Yeah, we want to release an album next year. We have most of it written, we just need to fine tune it all now 

6. The tour ends on 17 December just in time for you to head home for Christmas. What are your plans for Christmas?

Having a BBQ by the beach. 

7. What’s the worst Christmas present you’ve ever given someone?

Paper weight. 

8. You’ve always had a heavy Britpop / Madchester influence to your sound. If you could put together a bill of four bands from that scene, which bands would you pick and why?


Chemical Bothers

Stone Roses

Arctic Monkeys 

Because they are the reason why I wanted to start playing music.

9. What plans do you have for 2019 and, if we were to speak again this time next year, what would you hope to have achieved as a band by then?

A new album.  

10. Thanks for your time. Just to finish, do you have any message for your fans?

We love your support! I will always try and put on the best shows I can and write songs that can hopefully connect with you.