Y.O.U.N.G Manchester, Debut tour, Live Event

Photo by: Carsten Windhorst / FRPAP.com

10 Questions with …. Y.O.U.N.G

TotalNtertainment managed to grab some time with rapper Ben from Y.O.U.N.G during their current tour.

Ben from Y.O.U.N.G kindly took some time out form the tour to do a quick interview with us.

1. So, you’ve just finished your first UK tour, what should fans expect from a Y.O.U.N.G show?

Man we were just having fun with it. Our energy is a good one to be on. My vibe is relax, there’s nothing you can do about it and we’re here now.

The  aim is for everybody in the crowd to feel the same hearing the song as we feel playing it.

2. What were you expecting from the tour? 

To feel happy. To do what we love. To hear new bands. To find new inspirations.

3. You finished the tour in Manchester, were you looking forward to playing your home city?

Definitely. It’s was a moment!.

4. According to your biography you all come from different backgrounds, how did you all come together?

Man, who knows! Just how the universe planned it. The amount of chance meetings and miracles that brought us together makes our bond as friends special. We recognise this beyond our power.

5. What do you think your different musical backgrounds brings to the band?

It’s like different flavours make a different pie. Hopefully we’re looking tasty.

6. Ben described your Exposure single as “’Exposure’ is about outing those who need to be outed. Everybody encounters liars, cheats and blaggers in their life who deserve to be exposed.”. What important lessons have you learned about the cut throat music industry? 

I don’t worry about the industry to much, what my dad told me is keep creating. I try focus on the positive things regardless of how badly the industry does you.

7. Tell us about the Manchester music scene, got any favourite places to play, stories to tell?

We’re hoping to do a tour of B & M soon. Play lazy in all the stores in Manchester  So that’d be my favourite place to play! Imagine.

8. What is next after this tour and for the rest of 2018?

Just keeping putting everything into the band and know that big things are coming, we are about to announce some great new dates, watch this space!

9. Curveball question. If you could run the country for one day what law would you pass or change?

Legalise it.

10. Thanks for your time, do you want to plug the tour to finish 

Thanks for having me! Thanks for coming to see us on the lazy tour! Next gig is guesting with our label mates The K’s at Manchester Gorilla Manchester on 11th May, It’s happening!