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Another 10 Questions with …. Sir Curse

Sir Curse took some time to chat with us before the next installment of #360RAW12 about Festivals, Fish and much more.

1. Thanks for your time. You’re set to release a new single, Graphite, what can you tell us about it?

Graphite is one of our most ambitious songs, and we knew as soon as we wrote it that it would be our next single. From the explosive beginning, to the hook heavy chorus, all the way to climactic ending we are super proud of the tune and we feel it’s real step up in our song writing. We can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

2. Is this a taster for more new music from the group this year?

We’re hard at work writing some new material, we’re going to start gigging it soon to see if it holds up in a live environment and then, hopefully, we’ll be back in the studio before the year is out. Watch this space.

3. Given the mix of theatrics and music, how at home did you feel when you played Boomtown festival last year?

More so than at any other gig we’ve played! Before and after the set we were wandering around Copper County in full costume and nobody looked twice at us. Sometimes I wish it could be like that for every show.

4. Did you get to experience the festival away from your set and, if so, what’s your favourite memory?

The festival was amazing! It was the first time going for some of us, and it was like stepping into a fantasy land. It was insanely windy while we were there, and at one point we were taking it in turns to prop the tent up from the inside. But I think the best bit was when we all went to see Gogol Bordello together, who put on an absolutely amazing show. We were worn out from all the dancing!

5. You must get some interesting reactions to your show, image and music; what has been your favourite reaction?

That’s a tough one, there’s lots of great ones. There were some guys dressed as wizards that came along to dance at Boomtown, who kept shouting “we are wizards and we love you”. Lyndsay once had someone yell “you can slit my throat love” at her, mid-set. Or at the last #360RAW show we played someone in the audience grabbed the sign off the stage and started dancing around with it during our closing song.

6. On the subject of the circus, if you could have a go at any circus act which would you choose and why?

Fire-breathing looks like a lot of fun, and what a simple solution to adding pyrotechnics to our stage shows! 

7. It’s been over 6 months since you played #360RAW9; how much did that gig help you and what do you remember from it?

It was brilliant getting to hang out with Alan Raw and Tom Robinson after the show, they both had some very kind words to say about our set, and gave us some great advice for moving forwards. The gig itself was probably the best we’ve played – the atmosphere in the room was absolutely electric. Hopefully we can replicate that for the next one.

8. Curveball Question: how would you react if you were transformed into a fish?

This actually happened to our guitarist Bill in his Dungeons and Dragons campaign! His character was cursed with so much magic that he hated, that he decided to live out the rest of his days as an octopus in a lake somewhere out in the wilds. All told it was quite a happy ending for him. 

9. If you could put on your own festival and money was no object, describe what it would be like and who would play?

Our festival would be something outrageously theatrical, with special guest slots for System of a Down, Gogol Bordello, Oingo Boingo [we’d pay them any sum to reform!] and Bellowhead [we’d have to get them to reform as well]. The arenas would be in big-top tents, there would be a “zoo” with holographic animals doing tricks, and all the bar staff would be trained in magic tricks. Between acts there’d be acrobatics shows. Oh, and there’d be a hidden speakeasy-style 24-hour jazz bar for when it all gets to be too much.

10. Finally, what are your hopes and ambitions for 2020?

We want to just get out there and play more – new cities, new audiences, and new music. We’ve applied to play a bunch of festivals in the summer, and we’re hard at work booking more shows. The big one for a lot of us is to crack London this year, and we should hopefully have some news on that score very soon. 

You can get your tickets for this hugely popular night here: https://www.crashrecords.co.uk/360raw12