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Another 10 Questions with …. Teeff

Teeff were back to chat with us before another successful #360RAW12 about Ninja’s and retiring to Scarborough

With another successful #360RAW12 on the horizon, Teeff took some time to chat with us again.

1. So, you’re coming back to #360RAW in February; what can we expect from Teeff this time?

Bigger riffs, bigger drums, more fuzz and [most likely] shorter hair.

2. What are your memories of the last time you played #360RAW?

We’ve done a number of 360 Club nights over the three years we’ve been doing this but #360RAW was a stand out for us. Great crowd, great atmosphere, great bands and the one and only Alan Raw.

3. It’s been almost eighteen months since we last spoke, what has been going on with the band since then?

There’s been some big moments for us over the last eighteen months. We played the BBC Introducing Stage at Reading and Leeds Festivals in 2018; we were part of the Live at Leeds 2019 line up; and we’ve released two new singles – Won’t You and The Milkman. The latter has achieved a number of local and national radio plays and received a lot of support from BBC Radio 6 Music’s own Tom Robinson.

4. And a lot has gone on in the UK since we last spoke; what do you think about the state of the UK in 2020?

We’re living the prequel to Mad Max: Fury Road …

5. What about new music from the group? Can we expect anything from you in the near future?

We’ve got plans to head back to Tesla Studios in Sheffield, and get two new tracks recorded with David Glover. This will be something that’s in a slightly different direction to what we’ve done previously. Tied in with this will be a headline single release show at a location to be confirmed soon. Keep your eyes peeled …

6. You mentioned to us last time that you wanted to retire to Scarborough, if you got the chance to do that. How would you pass the time given your new-found freedom?

The pension will be paid in 1p and 2p coins and invested heavily into the penny slots.

7. If money was no object for the band, what would you do with it?

Sell out and write songs with no more than three chords … if that’s not what we’re doing already.

8. If we speak again in eighteen months, where would you like to see the band and, realistically, what would you hope to have achieved?

Retirement in Scarborough with the inevitable comeback six-week headline run at the Open-Air Theatre.

9. Curveball Question:  who would win a battle between a ninja and a pirate?

Ninja, obviously. Why?

10.Thanks for your time. Finally, what are your hopes and ambitions for 2020?

To survive the rapture.

You can get your tickets here: https://www.crashrecords.co.uk/360raw12