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Chiedu Oraka x Deezkid and 10 Questions with

The northern pair have made a significant impact over the last year, so we took time to have a chat.

Chiedu Oraka x Deezkid  and 10 Questions with TotalNtertainment.  As described by i-D magazine as ‘Yorkshire’s leading Grime artist’, Chiedu and longterm partner DeezKid met at The Warren Youth Project, where Deez agreed to volunteer in exchange for using their studio. Creating their own path, they combine Grime, Funky, Afro-fusion and Garage, with rave/club culture wrapped in their trademark humour. We took some time to have a chat and find out more.

1. Thanks for your time, how have the last few months been treating you?

Last few months have been testing to say the least but I suppose everybody is in the same boat. We’ve tried our hardest to keep motivated by putting out content such as podcasts, vlogs, Instagram lives and studio sessions when the lockdown restrictions loosened.

2. Your single “The War Chant” was taken from your Men Behaving Badly project. Have either of you “behaved badly” in a way that has got you into trouble ?

I would say we are a bit partial for a bit of bad behaviour once in a while. We just like to have a drink and let off some steam. I’m sorry we can’t elaborate more but we’ve never been one for incrimination lol.

3. Have you ever done anything completely outrageous and really regretted it ?

Who hasn’t? Every time we go out on a sesh the anxiety the next day is a madness. We live most of our lives in regret haha. Where not here to offend anyone so we can’t you tell what we’ve done either.

4. What about as kids growing up, you must have got into trouble then? Everybody did ?

Both of us grew up on council estates so most days you are just looking for something to do and that normally means get in as much trouble as possible. Pinch for shops, throw eggs at random people, beer runs, knock off ginger, throwing stones at windows and run over cars. That was just the life.

5. What about as a pair, what’s it like being around Chiedu and Deezkid ?

Just two good pals with a very common goal for putting our city on the map. Chiedu is a bit older so he takes on the role as big brother and Deezkid is a little bit more mischievous. We have a lot in common and we just vibe off each other, so that’s why there is synergy when we make music.

6. How did your friendship come about and what drew you to each other?

We first met at a youth centre called the Warren in Hull. Deeze used to volunteer there for free studio time and Chiedu was a rapper looking for beats. Dumb and Dumber was made and the rest is history. We just really got on from the first time we met and the relationship has just delivered.

7. Your sound is inspired by early ’00s club music, do you remember the first time you went into a nightclub ?

Chiedu– I went to a strip club before I went to a Night Club. GCSE results day, what a time to be alive

Deeze – First night club I went to was a club called Fusion. I was only 17 at the time. I used to blag my way in because i found someone’s ID on the floor. I used to drink bottles of cider at the bus stop with my mates because none of us had much money.

8. Going forward then, what plans do you have for new music/collaborations and when can we expect them ?

Solo projects and singles. We are trying to flood the rest of the year with releases. No collaborations planned just yet but that could change.

9. Just for fun: Would you rather eat a stick of butter or snort a tablespoon of salt?

Table spoon of butter.

10. Finally, thanks for your time, what can we expect from you over the rest of 2020 and into 2021?

Expect us to be very active. Loads of music, podcasts, merch and hopefully some live performances.

The Hull natives  teamed up with Majestic for a mighty, garage fuelled, warped bass, lazer riddled remix of ‘The War Chant’.