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Gary Meikle talks to TotalNtertainment

Gary Meikle is back tours stages across the country and we got the chance to have a quick catch up

After a meteoric rise through the ranks, Scottish Comedy Award winner and viral sensation  Gary Meikle is back, returning to stages across the country with his brand-new tour show,  SURREAL; a title that perfectly describes Meikle’s last two years. We got the chance to have a catch up with Gary and you can see what he had to say here.. 

Meikle’s brand-new UK tour will span the country for 50 dates from Saturday 28th August

2021 – Sunday 16th January 2022, and includes a performance at London’s Leicester Square  Theatre on Friday 15th October 2021, and a homecoming show at Glasgow’s Royal Concert  Hall on Friday 7th January 2022.

Not one for mincing his words, Gary has been described as ‘playfully dark’. His cheeky chappy nature and ability to get away with talking about anything will have you laughing at things  you probably shouldn’t. As always, Gary will draw material from his own real-life experiences,  including his rapid rise to online fame and his unique family dynamic – he single-handedly  raised his daughter from the age of 17 and became a grandfather at 39. Quickly putting his  audiences at ease, a night of stand up with Gary feels like a night in the pub chatting with  friends!

Gary has found a new confidence and level of openness on  stage, meaning he doesn’t hold back on giving his opinions, no matter how warped! The new show will cover topics such as evolution, social  media, how to deal with burglars, single mums, bee sex, small man syndrome and much more. Gary is a fast paced, punchy storyteller that  finds the funny in anything. 

Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, where he still resides, Meikle has built a global audience (35% in the US) over the last few years, and took  his debut show “The iBrow Guy” around the world including the US, Canada, Dubai & Europe. Most notably, he performed a sell-out show  at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall with a capacity of 2000, with all proceeds raised going to the charity Ronald McDonald House.


You can find a list of all dates and tickets available at