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The Hot Damn talks to TotalNtertainment

Sizzling new rock supergroup The Hot Damn! Spoke to TotalNtertainment about all things Ice Cream and more

Sizzling new rock supergroup The Hot Damn!, consisting of four feisty ladies born out of the Ashes of The Amorettes and Tequila Mockingbyrd, spoke to us about Internet High Jinks and The Hot Damn Ice Cream… Keep watching for more

Their new single ‘Dance Around’, out on all streaming platforms on 2nd July. The track is accompanied by a very colourful and energetic music video,  and you can watch it here.

The energetic guitar-driven summer anthem is set to get you swing/swaying Bruce Springsteen-style all over your kitchen floor. Engineered by Dave Draper (The Wildhearts) and Adam Thistlethwite (Massive Wagons) and produced by Melbourne Legend Ricki Rae (Electric Mary, X-factor Australia) , ‘Dance Around’ is a light-hearted answer to and embodiment of positivity in the bleakest of times.

Gill Montgomery (guitar and vocals) says: “‘Dance around’ was written at the height of the first lockdown, as a frustrated reaction to the immobile state of the world at that time, with the only real motivation being the thought of better times… Some of us are lucky enough to escape into our own creativity and live vicariously through that. We were aiming for something uplifting and fun that you can dance to, Hell – I defy anyone not to move to this!”