Lauren Davidson and 10 Questions with TotalNtertainment. Lauren is quickly making a name for herself in the country scene and has opened up for household name artists including Old Dominion, LOCASH, and Carly Pearce. This year she achieved the goal of performing at the creme of New York venues, Madison Square Garden, as part of PBR’s “Unleash the Beast” tour. We got to chat with Lauren about Country Music and more..

1. Thanks for your time Lauren. Just to introduce yourself to our readers, could you give us a bit of a musical life story ?

Absolutely!! I’m an Urban Country Artist from NYC and I’ve been making music my entire life.  My dad was a singer songwriter and I always say I could sing before I could speak!

2. What was it that turned you on to country music originally and led you down that musical path ?

When I was in college, I was a musical theatre major and I got cast in the Wild Country show at Hershey Park.  The production company is from Nashville and on the first day of rehearsal we sat in a circle and got a little lesson on country music.  I didn’t know it then but I was forever changed. I also didn’t realize it until later but I grew up listening these women of the 90s who were Pop Country Crossovers like Faith Hill, Shania Twain and LeAnn Rimes who all have had an influence on my musical style and taste.

3. You were part of PBR’s Unleash The Beast tour, what was that like and other than playing MSG are there any memories from that tour that stick in your mind ?

It was so strange and awesome to see how they transformed The Garden – that definitely sticks in my mind and it was also my first time experiencing the rodeo firsthand.  But also getting to sing at MSG was a bucket list moment!

4. Being New York based, playing MSG would have been a massive highlight, what are your memories from that show?

 I remember feeling so anxious and excited and nervous and the second I hit center stage at the sold out arena feeling flooded with ease and reminding myself to breathe and soak in that moment.

5. Now you’ve achieved that, what are your future goals as an artist ?

I’d love to play MSG again one day with my band! Id also love to tour the world and live on a tour bus, release a full length album and play at the Grand Ole Opry.

6. You’ve been described as New York’s “Urban Country Queen”, do you think the fact that you come from a place like New York and not somewhere like say Nashville, allows you to explore outside the boundaries of “the country music sound” and thus attract an audience who wouldn’t necessarily usually listen to country music ?

I hope so!!! For me the most important thing is be authentic and real and my true self while sharing my stories.  I think my music is influenced by artists I love and listen to (both country and not) and is the product of the life i’ve lived here in New York.

7. You’re also responsible for the “Urban Country Jam”, how has that been affected and have you been able to continue with that during lockdown through virtual shows or anything like that ?

It stinks to have had to postpone and cancel plans but yes its been so great to be able to continue virtually.  We had a virtual round in May and June and have some plans in the works which I hope to announce soon!!

8. Your new single “Find Me” is out now, what plans do you have for further new music? Have you been writing during lockdown ?

Find Me is the 3rd single off of my Love Ain’t Fair EP that I’ve been releasing this year in 5 parts so you will 100 percent get the rest of this EP before the year is out with some surprises in store as well.  Ive written a little bit during this lockdown which has been interesting and fun! I think I have written about 10 new songs which is cool!

9. Just for fun: If your five-year-old self suddenly found themselves inhabiting your current body, what would your five-year-old self do first?

Woah tough question… Probably jump on a stage!! I remember being a kid begging my parents to let me perform and not being old enough yet (until I was of course)

10. Thanks for your time Lauren and good luck with the new single. Just to finish, once life returns back to normality, what can we expect from Lauren ?

Touring!! I miss concerts, I miss you all!! Thank you for listening to my music in the meantime!

Lauren’s new single ‘Find Me’ is out now. You can find out more about what Lauren is up to here;

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