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Lockdown Laughs Janice Connolly

“ A warm and wonderful act, an enthusiastic, livewire force of nature it’s hard not to love .”

Lockdown laughs with Janice Connolly. Janice Connolly BEM is a British actress, comedian and artistic director. She runs the Birmingham-based group Women and Theatre, and performs stand-up comedy as her character “Mrs Barbara Nice”. We chat to her about life in lockdown.

1. How have you been keeping occupied during lockdown ?

Like everyone I have been painting garden walls and shed doors. I’ve been gardening a lot and walking .I have been also doing more of my Barbara Nice And friends podcasts and shows on zoom. I’ve been leading an online community comedy course and interviewing women about their lockdown experiences for a film that the theatre company I work for – Women and Theatre are making with a community cast of 40 .

2. Have you taught yourself any new skills or taken up any new hobbies ?

I have become a regular wild swimmer in the river Avon.

3. What about DIY horror stories or lockdown haircut disasters, any stories you want to tell us?

I’ve just let my hair grow really . I gave up colouring it years ago so it’s very au naturelle.

4. If you could be locked up with your celebrity crush during lockdown who would it be and why ?

I really like Paul O’Grady, he’s great fun and we could sing songs from the shows together.

5. If you could be a fly on the wall of someone’s house during lockdown who would you pick and why ?

I would love to know what makes Dominic Cummings tick.

6. One man sneaked around his housing estate dressed a shrub to avoid detection, if you “broke out” what would you have dressed as to avoid detection ?

A badger.

7. If you could have spent twenty-four hours locked down in your favourite store which store would it be and what would you do to pass the time ?

I like John Lewis and am sad to see it be in trouble . I would just go round and look at all the Lovely things.

8. Who is the celebrity you would least want to be locked down with and why?

I suppose Joe Wickes as he would always be working. But would be good to do the exercises with him ….

9. Lockdown with Janice Connelly, sum it up in a few sentences ?

Up and down like everyone.

10. What was the one thing you missed most about normal life during lockdown?

Not living in a pandemic.

You can find out more about what Janice is doing here https://www.facebook.com/Barbara-Nice-6218355837/