Lockdown Laughs Lindsay Ell. Three years since her debut album, chart topping musician, vocalist and songwriter Lindsay Ell’s highly-anticipated sophomore album heart theory is out now. We managed to grab a quick chat with the singer about the fun side of life in lockdown.

1. Thanks for your time Lindsay, how has lockdown been treating you?

Lockdown has been really interesting, but I’ll be honest…putting out a record during this time has kept me really busy to the point that it’s made the time fly by.

2. If you were told you could spend lockdown with your best friend but had to give up your favourite food, which food would you give up?

What will probably be most funny about my favourite food and having to give it up, is that most people would probably love to give it up if given the choice…but I guess I’d have to give up kale.

3. If you could be locked in your favourite store for 24 hours which would it be and how would you pass the time ?

Does Guitar Centre or any guitar store count?  I mean, I guess I would have to try out all the guitars in their vintage collection.  Don’t threaten me with a good time!

4. You got to spend lockdown undiscovered in the house of your least favourite person, what would you do to annoy them?

I would always be cooking things in the kitchen using the food processor and the blender and the dishwasher.  Always making noise.  I’d be in the studio playing music really loud.  Have you ever had to listen to someone edit a song?  Now that could drive someone crazy to have to listen to!

5. If you had to go through lockdown without your phone or without the internet, which would you give up and how would you compensate for it ?

I mean, can I have data on my phone?!?   I would probably choose my phone over having the internet.  That way I could at least call and text people.  It’s a very difficult question.  But I guess I’d say phone.

6. Have you had any DIY / hair disasters during lockdown?

It wasn’t really a DIY disaster, but it was a near disaster caused by not being able to DIY my extensions.  I was overdue to have them fixed at the beginning of quarantine, and then everything shut down.  It takes a real pro to take them out and put them back in…so I had to endure having them hang off my head.  Good thing I couldn’t go anywhere!

7. Everyone has a phobia, if you had to spend lockdown locked in a building with yours, what would your idea of lockdown hell be ?

Oh my gosh, a room full of snakes would be my nightmare.  I would lose my mind.  I would be on top of all the furniture.  No thank you!

8. You’ve worked with a lot of songwriters on your new album but if you could have collaborated with any artist during lockdown who would you have picked ?

I would love to collaborate with Ed Sheeran…or maybe Shawn Mendes one day.

9. What are the best and worst things about being in lockdown with Lindsay Ell?

The best things would be that I’m very clean and tidy…and that I love cooking, so you would be well fed.  The worst is that I never stop working so there isn’t a lot of fun moments.  Not really any TV or movie watching moments.  I haven’t turned on my TV once in quarantine.

10. Just to finish, you must be raring to go, now that lockdown rules are easing and your new album is out, what can fans expect from you in 2020/2021?

My band and I are at the ready to hit the road as soon as we can.  We had a lot of stuff move from 2020 to 2021 and are actively confirming new dates, which I can’t wait to announce.  We are also trying to figure out some ways to continue to creatively connect with fans digitally while live shows are still not happening.

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