James Bourne and 10 Questions with TotalNtertainment. With a new solo single out and his debut album just announced, we decided to have a chat with James about the diversity of the album and more.

1. Thanks for your time James, how is life treating you and how does it feel to have your first solo single out?

Unbelievable! I’m so happy and excited to begin a new chapter of my life!

2. What has the reaction been like from fans as it’s quite a departure from previous material ?

People have been saying amazing things and drawing insane comparisons like Michael Jackson, Eric Clapton + John Mayer. All my songs are so different though 😂

3. You’ve worked as a songwriter for some major artists, what have you learned from writing with those artists?

You learn a lot. I’ve never really stopped learning or improving. I’m really quite obsessed with music. All those years have put me in a place where I feel like a have all the confidence I need to thrive as a solo artist.

4. The album had just been announced, what can we expect from it and what did you want to achieve with it ?

It used to irk me when I’d see my solo Spotify page completely empty. I felt like I could decorate that page so well but never found the time until now. I’m finally fixing that now with my first album.

5. Musically, I believe the album is quite diverse, are you hoping to reach out to an audience outside of your usual fanbase?

I love my fans. I want my music to be shared with new people especially as it’s different to what I’ve done before. Hopefully my fans will share it.

6. In terms of the diversity on the record, is there anything on there that you think will really surprise people ?

People have been surprised by “Everyone is my friend” it’s more soulful than anything I’ve done before. I think my singing on this album will surprise people. It’s first chance I’ve really had to sing properly.

7. Given the diversity of influences, if we were to have a look down your Spotify playlist, what sort of thing would we find on it ? 😂

James Taylor , Jackson Browne , Jimmy Webb, Bruce Hornsby , Stephen Bishop , backstreet boys , Michael Jackson , beach boys , Post Malone , Bob Marley , Bob Dylan . I’m gonna stop listing now

8. How different is it writing songs for your own solo album rather than as a songwriter for another artist? Does it add any pressure to the task?

It’s way easier. It’s the easiest

9. Just for fun: If you could go undiscovered in one of the houses of your mates during lockdown who would you pick and what would you do to drive them nuts ?

I’d go to Charlie Simpson’s house and play Nickelback 😂

10. Thanks again for your time, just to finish, once the record is released and we start to return to some kind of normality, what are your plans to promote the record ?

Play shows and release another album

You can find out more about the Album here and listen to his stunning new single below: https://www.totalntertainment.com/music/safe-journey-home-debut-album-james-bourne/

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