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Lockdown Laughs Ward Thomas

We got chance to catch up with Ward Thomas about the fun side of Lockdown, see below;

Lockdown Laughs Ward Thomas. Following the announcement that their infectious new album, ‘Invitation’, will be released on October 2nd we thought is would be a good idea to chat with them about the fun side of Lockdown..

1. What is the one food you could happily eat every day during lockdown?

Savory would probably be pizza or spaghetti bolognese, sweet would absolutely be Chocolate and cake!

2. Can you name five movies and five albums you couldn’t live without during lockdown ?

Breakfast In Tiffany’s, Out Of Africa, Roman Holiday, Waking Ned, Little Women,

Golden Hour – Kacey Musgraves, Continuum – John Mayer, Rumours – Fleetwood Mac,  Girl – Maren Morris, Folklore – Taylor Swift.

3. If you could be locked up in your favourite store for 24 hour where would it be and what would you choose ?

&OtherStories, would choose a really nice summer dress for this heat…There’s also a shop in Nashville called “Two Old Hippies”, with so many amazing things including lots of guitars, mandolins, banjos etc… we could both stay in there for hours.

4. If you would go undetected in your sisters house what is the one thing you would do that would really wind her up ?

Squeeze the toothpaste out from the middle of the tube instead of from the bottom….Also whistle…

5. Have you learned any new skills or revisited any long forgotten hobbies during lockdown ?

Yes, we’ve both learned how to use Logic Pro, a recording program that’s really helped our writing and meant we’ve been able to finish our album from home. We’ve also picked up cycling again and have both become true mother hen of all our animals… which include 2 horses, one mini Shetland, 6 chickens and 2 dogs!

6. If you walked out of your house after lockdown and into a different time period where would you want to be and why ?

Probably the late 1950’s/early 60’s there was so much great music out at that moment in time. Although we’d also go back to the dinosaur period…it would be amazing to see what the world looked like back then!

7. Which celebrity would you have least wanted to spend lockdown with and why ?

Donald Trump… as we probably wouldn’t see eye to eye with most things……Also probably the Kardashians… too much drama to handle in lockdown 🙈 😬

8. Tell us a funny/embarrassing fact about growing up living with your sister ?

We were known at school as scruff one and scruff two… Growing up on a farm meant it was impossible to look smart enough or tidy enough in our uniform…! I (Lizzy) learnt all the naughty swear words when I was around 6/7 years old and Catherine used to tell me off 😂

9. The new album is called Invitation, on that theme, which five people would you invite round for your ultimate Ward Thomas lockdown party / jam session ?

There’s so many people we’d love there but if we had to narrow it down we’d probably say…Jack Savoretti, James Blunt, Taylor Swift, Adele and Bryan Adams!

10. Your new single, Sweet Time, is about a meandering bike ride enjoying life, where is your go to place for a bike ride when you want to take some time out ?

It’s all about taking your time in a relationship or in life, not adding labels, taking it slow and seeing where things go in time. On our bike ride we’d probably be found somewhere with a beautiful view by water holding a cold beer! 🙂

Ward Thomas are back with the first taste of brilliant new music from their infectious forthcoming studio album ‘Invitation’ – out October 2nd on WTW Music through eastwest. You can find out more about that here: https://www.totalntertainment.com/music/invitation-is-the-new-album-from-ward-thomas/

Their new single Sweet Time is also out now across all DSPs. Tickets on-sale HERE  now for their up coming tour in the Spring of 2021.