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Lockdown Laughs with Running Lights

“One in a Million” is indicative of the lively, self-reflective themes Running Lights have been exploring in recent songs.

Lockdown Laughs with Running Lights. Rising pop band Running Lights, consisting of Mike and Nick Squillante, and Stephen Ranellone, has released “One in a Million,” an uplifting summer track that inspires listeners to cherish those you love, whether they be new relationships or old, and live life to the fullest. Combining a catchy, uptempo dance-pop beat that is sure to make your feet tap with confident, emotional vocals, “One in a Million” sounds like the way butterflies feel when you fall in love. The single is now available on digital music platforms worldwide. We got to chat with them about the more fun side of Lockdown.

1. How has lockdown been treating you? Any DIY / cookery / lockdown haircut disasters you care to mention?

Mike: Quarantine has been tough for us; without performing it can be difficult to stay motivated. We connect with fans through social media (particularly TikTok) and we’ve kept the creative energy flowing by shooting a music video for our latest single “One in a Million.” It was originally supposed to be a performance video from our garage/rehearsal space, but the noise was a bit too much for neighbours. After apologising profusely, we decided to incorporate that story into the video itself and had our entire family star in it since we were quarantined with them and couldn’t hire any actors. It’s a pretty fun video!

Nick: I shaved my head bald with a beard buzzer on the 4th of July. Other than that, things have been pretty good!

Steve: Nick is also kind enough to give my beard a trim once in a while. He’s actually pretty good at it. But not that good.

2. On the subject of your new single, during lockdown a man in the UK romanced somebody from a distance and even held a romantic meal from 200 yards away. How would you romance somebody during lockdown?

Mike: I’d pull a “say anything” and show up with a boombox outside. Socially distant AND hopelessly romantic.

3. Which celebrity crush would you like to have spent lockdown with?

Mike: I’m gonna go with Joe Rogan (yes, a man-crush but whatever). I really enjoy his podcasts so it would be very cool to sit in on them especially with the awesome guests he always has on. AND he has Covid-19 testing!

4. What about the celebrity you dislike most? Who would it have been hell being locked in a house with?

Mike: Johnny Knoxville only because of the sheer danger it would put me in. I actually love Johnny Knoxville.

5. If you could have done a virtual collaboration with any artist during lockdown who would you have picked and what song would you have covered?

Mike: Ringo Starr and “With a Little Help From My Friends.

6. If you could have spent lockdown as part of any TV family (The Simpsons etc.) who would you have picked and why?

Nick: Easily the Rick N’ Morty family. Every one of those episodes is a crazy adventure so at this point I’d do anything to get out of quarantine… even if that means turning into a pickle (if you know you know).

7. You get the choice to spend 24 hours locked down in your favourite store, what would you choose and how would you pass the time?

Steve: I’d be 100% down to be stuck in a Sam Ash flagship store with a ton of different drum kits.

8. What about phobias? Being locked down with your biggest phobia would have meant what?

Nick: Cream-cheese. Stuff makes me gag.

9. If you could have gone unnoticed in the house of one of the other members of Running Lights what would you have done to wind them up?

Steve: I’d probably choose to wind up Nick because when he gets wound up the reaction is hilarious. If he doesn’t know I’m there and I get to simply see him explode I’m totally in. I’d probably just tangle a bunch of instrument cables and leave them next to him until he freaks out!

10. What’s the best and worst thing about lockdown with Running Lights?

Mike: Best thing is the ability to focus more on writing better songs. Worst thing is that it’s pasta night every night of the week.